Targeted Sequencing

Targeted sequencing is a cost-effective method to focus sequencing resources on only the most relevant genomic regions or expressed genes. The AVITI has features that can further enhance both the time and cost efficiency of targeted sequencing methods, including:

  • Highly accurate data for robust and reliable variant calling, even at low expression levels
  • Validated ecosystem compatibility for a wide array of target capture and library prep solutions.
  • The ability to run multiple assays in parallel on two fully independent, dual flow cells
  • Low per-run costs that enable rapid sequencing of time sensitive samples, even in reduced batch sizes.
  • Customizable throughput that enables both small panels and ultra-deep sequencing on the same instrument.
In a study of exome sequencing data using Twist Exome 2.0 and NIST reference HG002, a higher proportion of Element data was filter passing, enabling better variant recall at lower coverage levels.

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