Whole-Genome Sequencing

Whole-genome sequencing (WGS) is the most comprehensive sequencing method, determining the entire DNA sequence of a genome to identify variants. Avidity Sequencing™ advances the accuracy and completeness of WGS in multiple ways:

  • Low GC-bias
  • Industry-leading quality specification, with > 90% of data ≥ Q30
  • Unparalleled accuracy through homopolymer regions

Long Insert Capability

The Element AVITI™ System can sequence ~600 bp inserts with high end-to-end read quality. Avidity Sequencing improves variant calling with better access to hard-to-sequence regions compared to other short-read technologies. Our high quality persists throughout a run, even at the challenging ends of reads.*

Figure 1. Average quality scores (Q-scores) of Q30–Q40+ (left) and a high percentage of bases achieving at least Q30 throughout the run (right) deliver accurate long-insert data for confident analysis.

Figure 2. Consistently high F1 scores by GC content indicate strong overall performance with the correct identification of true variants in long-insert libraries (left). Similarly, low total errors for false-negative (FN) variants and false positive (FP) (right).
* Results are based on sequencing Element-prepared libraries. Actual results might differ based on lab-specific factors.

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