Testimonials from Partners & Customers

FYR Diagnostics

“Coming from a support background I have been very impressed with the response time, level of attention, and quality of support for the AVITI. I know that supporting a newly launched instrument is not the easiest and I have been extremely happy with how the team handled the install, training, and continued support. When I talk to colleagues about Element this is what I highlight (other than how cool the instrument is).”
Adam LaBonte VP of Commercial Development

The Broad Institute

"The installation of the 3 AVITI systems at the Broad was the fastest and easiest I have ever experienced. I have been at the Broad for many years and have seen many installations in the past, this was by far the most seamless one. The time from uncrating to having our first data set was the quickest I have seen. Kudos to the Element Customer Support Team."
Matt Coole Senior Technical Product Manager
Sheila Dodge - General Manager at Broad Institute Genomics

New England BioLabs

"Our experience with the Element customer support has been great! The installation process was done well and to our expectations. They are highly responsive when we have questions or need guidance or support."
Pingfang Liu, PhD Applications and Product Development Scientist

Google Health Genomics

"Looking at human reference genome data there is a cleanness in the Element data from reduced error rates in difficult contexts, which especially improves analysis at low sequencing depth. It will be exciting to see the potential for applications where this is especially relevant, such as somatic detection, cell-free DNA, or low-pass calling and imputation."
Andrew Carroll, PhD Product Lead

Watch Andrew Carroll's presentation about his team's experience with AVITI™

Agilent Technologies, Inc.

"Our SureSelect brand of target enrichment solutions is a very important trusted product line with our customers so we were very happy to report that the compatibility and data quality from the Element AVITI System was excellent, enabling highly-sensitive detection of variants when combined with our SureSelect panels."
Ronda Allen Vice President and General Manager, Genomics Division
Kevin Meldrum - Vice President & General Manager at Agilent Technologies
Christopher Mason, PhD - Professor at Weill Cornell Medicine


"…We were impressed with how the AVITI System outperformed the reference sequencer when compared side by side, showing higher effective genome coverage especially on challenging sample types including FFPE samples."
Joseph Pickrell, PhD CEO

Watch Joseph Pickrell's presentation about his team's experience with AVITI™

10x Genomics

"We are excited to see the AVITI System easily achieve our CPP requirements for single cell analysis to expand the number of options customers can choose from to access the technology…"
Jens Durruthy, PhD Director Product Management, 10X Genomics
Jens Durruthy, PhD - Associate Director of Product Management - Single Cell at 10x Genomics

Jumpcode Genomics

"…The sequencing quality of the AVITI System when compared side by side to other sequencing platforms was remarkable. The AVITI showed measurably higher percent unique alignment to hg38 and a significantly lower percent duplication rate…"
Jon Armstrong Vice President of Research & Development

Watch Jon Armstrong's presentation about his team's experience with AVITI™

Martin G. Reese, PhD - Founder, President & CEO of Fabric Genomics

seqWell Inc.

"We are tremendously excited about how the multiplexing performance of plexWell™ library prep is further enabled with the high-quality sequencing data, highly advantageous operating costs and scalability of the AVITI™ System. Libraries made with plexWell are fully compatible with AVITI, and reduced GC bias, insert size, read count distribution, and duplication rate are all maintained or improved by the performance of the AVITI System."
Joseph Mellor, PhD CSO

Don Freed, PhD - Bioinformatics Scientist at Sentieon

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