Element Biosciences provides qualified service and support to ensure reliability and maximize performance of your AVITITM and AVITI24TM instruments. Our dedicated and experienced Element team simplifies service and support to minimize disruptions and keep your system operating at peak performance. Our fully staffed team includes field service engineers to support site prep, installation, and system verification, field application scientists to address technical challenges and host scientist-to-scientist conversations, and additional tech support engineers and scientists for rapid phone and email support.

All Element Biosciences instrument purchases include a 1-year manufacturer warranty (“Manufacturer Warranty”)1 upon installation. Extend your service and support coverage beyond the Manufacturer Warranty by selecting an Annual Service Plan.


An Element Biosciences representative will deliver, unpack, and place the AVITI System on the lab bench. Following delivery, our trained field service will perform installation and operational qualification procedures followed by a performance verification sequencing run. Following installation, our engineers will provide an installation checklist to certify that your instrument meets acceptance criteria and ensuring readiness for customer training.

Preventative Maintenance

During the Manufacturer Warranty, and any active Annual Service Plan, Element engineers will carry out preventative maintenance on your instrument once per applicable warranty period. Preventative Maintenance includes testing and recalibration of the system to operational qualification standards, proactive replacement of specific hardware components, and a Preventative Maintenance checklist report to certify that your instrument meets operational acceptance criteria.


When your lab moves, allow Element to provide relocation services for your AVITI or AVITI24 instrument. Our dedicated team will prepare your instrument for relocation, crate up your instrument, transport it to your new location, reinstall and reverify your instrument’s performance. Reach out to your account executive or our service team for more information on relocation options.


Our experienced Field Applications Scientists will train your users to confidently prepare libraries for sequencing, properly maintain and set up a run on AVITI, and manage data output from the system. We’ll discuss required materials and site preparation prior to scheduling training to ensure your lab is fully prepared. Additional training is available by quote upon request, with potential discounts based on your Annual Service Plan level.


All Annual Service Plans include standard support from our trained Field Applications Specialists to assist you throughout your instrument operations. Extended on-site training or support is available by quote upon request.

Find the right service plan for you.


Element recommends all instruments remain under an Annual Service Plan. Should there bean extended lapse in instrument service coverage, purchase of instrument recertification will be required prior to initiation of a new Annual Service Plan. Recertification ensures the instrument is up to date on preventative maintenance and is performing well.

Peace of Mind

Minimize disruptions and keep your system operating at its peak with an Annual Service Plan. By extending your service coverage beyond the Manufacturer Warranty, you not only receive peace of mind but also access to expert support that helps optimize instrument performance.

A. On-site Service and Support Hours (excluding holidays):

  • Americas: Monday to Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Asia Pacific: Monday to Friday, 9:00 am - 5:30 pm
  • Europe, Middle East, Africa: Monday to Friday, 9:00 am - 5:30 pm
  • Support performed outside of standard hours may incur overtime charges

B. Phone Support hours (excluding holidays):

  • 6:00 am – 5:00 pm US Pacific Time

1 Manufacturer Warranty is (12) months from instrument installation, not to exceed thirteen (13) months from date of instrument shipment in accordance with Element’s terms and conditions of sale available here.

2 The 1 year period begins from the end of the Manufacturer Warranty or then current Annual Service Plan. In instances following an extended lapse in instrument service coverage, the 1 year period will commence upon completion of recertification for any new Annual Service Plan purchased.

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