Single-Cell RNA Sequencing

Single-cell sequencing is a powerful technique for revealing hidden complexity within cell populations. Element is a validated partner for 10X Genomics, BD Rhapsody, as well as emerging instrument-free cellular barcoding technologies. With an Element AVITI™ System, you can:

  • Do more science for your budget with industry leading cost of $0.60 - $1 per million reads and guaranteed reagent costs for the life of your instrument.
  • Maximize cost-efficiency with throughput that neatly matches the sample outputs from both leading and emerging single-cell technologies.
  • Ensure sensitivity to low expressed genes and a high yield of genes per barcode with high quality data.
  • Enable multiple run starts daily with two fully independent 1 billion-read flow cells, providing unrivaled sequencing access in multiuser environments.
  • Use Cloudbreak Freestyle™ chemistry to load linear, third-party single-cell libraries directly on the AVITI System without manual circularization.

Figure 1. AVITI performance on 10K and 1K human PBMC samples met or exceeded the quality metrics required by 10X genomics to be part of their Compatible Partner Program.

Figure 2. AVITI performance using Cloudbreak and Cloudbreak Freestyle sequencing on a 40K cell sample comprised of human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC), human T cells, and baboon bone marrow cells (BBMC). The tSNE plot shows an overlap of Cloudbreak and Cloudbreak FS, indicating a strong overlap for PBMC cell samples. Cloudbreak FS or Adept library conversion combined with Cloudbreak both deliver similar results.

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