AVITI Machine
Introducing AVITIIntroducing AVITI

Unparalleled performance and affordability in a benchtop sequencer.

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Designed with scientists in mind.

Dual independent flow cells

With a twin flow cell design and individually addressable lanes, you get two sequencers in one.

  • Two parallel runs or independent operation
  • Choice of one or two libraries per flow cell
  • Flexible throughput from low to full
AVITI machine

Powered by Avidity Sequencing

AVITI chemistry harnesses the power of ultra-stable avidites to deliver high-quality data more cost-effectively than ever.

Industry-leading accuracy

>90% >Q30

Avidity Sequencing employs rolling circle amplification (RCA) to minimize common amplification errors.

  • No PCR error propagation
  • Negligible index hopping
  • Low duplication rates
  • Low AT/GC bias
AVITI Machine

Simple software, sophisticated sequencing

AVITI Machine

With guided workflows, comprehensive run parameters, and flexible system settings, customizing a run to suit your experiment is easier than ever.

ElemBio Cloud

Functioning as a direct extension of your AVITI System, this online platform monitors runs, visualizes data, and manages instruments and team members.


Fast, easy, and foolproof conversion of sequencing data into FASTQ files.

  • Early demultiplexing
  • Automatic index oientation and adapter detection

Ecosystem compatibility

AVITI Machine

The Element Adept™ Library Compatibility Workflow seamlessly adapts your existing library prep for sequencing on AVITI

65 compatible assays and counting
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Disruptive pricing empowers labs of all sizes and budgets to do more science.

AVITI Machine

AVITI System

$289,000 USD



2 x 75$1080
1 billion
500 million
2 x 150$1680
1 billion
500 million
250 million
2 x 300$2440
300 million
100 million
Performance metrics, including read counts, are based on sequencing Element-prepared libraries. Actual results might differ based on factors such as library type and preparation.

We’ve got savings down to a science

Everyday low run cost on a benchtop instrument

Checkmark$2–5 per Gb
Checkmark$0.6–1 per million reads

For high volume, multi-instrument users

Checkmark$200 genome program
    Lower reagent cost
  • Our Avidity Sequencing technology lowers dye concentrations by 100-fold, reducing reagent prices to a new standard.
    Bye bye batching
  • Lower run costs help you save time and money even when you do smaller batches at faster turnaround times.
    Reagent price guarantee
  • We’re the first to commit to not raising the price of your reagents. That’s right. One price for the life of your AVITI System.

See how much you’ll save with AVITI

versus NextSeq 2000

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With a FREE NextSeq 2000

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Ready. Set. Sequence.

Go seamlessly from library prep to sequencing.

Adept packaging

Adapt existing libraries for sequencing on AVITI

Learn more
Elevate packaging

Swap adapters to prepare libraries for sequencing on AVITI

Learn more
LoopSeq packaging

Turn your short-read platform into a long-read system for 16S and amplicon sequencing

Learn more

Deliver high-quality, low-cost avidity base chemistry sequencing at any scale

Learn more

By your side and at your service

Our expert, full-service team is dedicated to supporting you through your Element journey. From installation to maintenance, we help you get the most out of your AVITI System.

Lab technicians
Field service engineers
  • Site prep
  • Installation
  • System verification
Field application scientists
  • Experimental design
  • Technical support
  • Response within one business day