Meet the Element AVITI™ System — a benchtop sequencer with unprecedented performance, cost, and flexibility


Sequencing in your Element

AVITI™ System

$289K USD

300-Cycle Sequencing Kit$1,680 USD
Price per Gb$5-$7 USD


High Quality Data

Enhanced signal detection and inherent error suppression mechanisms deliver superior data quality

Seamless Library Compatibility

Easy protocols with little hands-on time and 96 unique index pairs enable multiplexing

Low Operating Cost

Avidity Sequencing™ chemistry and instrument design significantly decrease costly reagent consumption

Two Random Access Flow Cells

Flexible run starts from the two independently operated flow cells essentially package two sequencers in one instrument

Tunable Read Throughput

Sequencing turnaround times tunable to shallower read depths grant time savings

FASTQ File Output

Bases2Fastq converts base calls into FASTQ files unconstrained by proprietary databases

Key Performance Metrics

A highly efficient single flow cell cartridge design covers the spectrum of sequencing applications while eliminating the frustration and costs of multiple reagent selection and management.

Sequencing metrics at 800M Reads PF/flow cell; 1600M Reads PF combined when running both flow cells

1 Flow Cell
Data Output (Gb)
2 Flow Cells
Data Output (Gb)
Run Time
2x15024048048hrs%Q30 > 90
2x10016032035hrs%Q30 > 90
2x7512024029hrs%Q30 > 90
2x508016023hrs%Q30 > 90
2x25808017hrs%Q30 > 90

Sequencing turnaround times tunable to shallower read depths for time-saving options; common paired-end read length examples below

Read Throughput 12x252x502x752x1002x150
800M (full scan)17hrs23hrs29hrs35hrs48hrs
600M (3/4 scan)16hrs21hrs27hrs32hrs43hrs
400M (1/2 scan)15hrs20hrs24hrs29hrs39hrs
200M (1/4 scan)14hrs18hrs22hrs26hrs34hrs
100M (1/8 scan)13hrs17hrs21hrs24hrs31hrs
1 Paired-end reads


The AVITI™ System offers industry-leading data quality for paired-end reads. This performance is achieved through proprietary surface chemistry and base detection.

Overarching compatibility with standard NGS libraries provides a straightforward access point to in-house sequencing while integrated, customization-friendly software tools streamline operations.

Access Sequencing Datasets



Enhanced signal detection and inherent error suppression mechanisms deliver superior data quality and lower reagent consumption.

AVITI Open Bays


Two random access flow cells and tunable read throughput maximize runtime control and workflow flexibility for your application needs.

Element Sequencing Workflow

1. Library Prep

For Existing & De Novo

  • Compatible with standard library prep methods
  • De novo Element library prep options available
  • Easy protocol with limited hands-on time

2. Sequencing

By Avidity™ Chemistry

  • Novel properties enable a high level of accuracy
  • Efficiencies drive much lower reagent consumption
  • Two independent flow cells with tunable throughput

3. Data Analysis

For Easy Connections

  • AVITI™ Operating Software for intuitive run control
  • FASTQ files for open access
  • ElemLAB™ fleet connectivity software is available

The Element next-generation sequencing workflow is designed to help scientists use all the genomics resources they have at their disposal.

Adept™ Library Compatibility Workflow

Adept™ Library Compatibility Workflow

Simple circularization of linear libraries for Sequencing by AVITI™

Download Adept™ Library Compatibility Specifications Sheet

Elevate™ Library Prep Workflow

Elevate™ Library Prep Workflow

Simple adapter substitution and circularization for Sequencing by AVITI™

Download Elevate™ Library Prep Specification Sheet


Genome Sequencing
RNA Sequencing
Targeted Sequencing
Genome Sequencing
WGS provides the highest resolution of all the sequencing approaches due to its comprehensiveness. Therefore, WGS enables the identification of all types of sequence variations.
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RNA Sequencing
RNA-Seq not only allows us to understand gene expression levels, their timing and conditions of expression but RNA-Seq also reveals regulation of gene expression post-transcriptionally.
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Targeted Sequencing
Though highly targeted single-gene sequencing by Sanger methods is highly accurate and affordable, multiple genes or panels of targeted sequences are rapidly and cost-effectively sequenced through massively parallel sequencing methods.
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AVITI™ System

Performance Parameters
Flow cells: Two random access Read pairs PF/flow cell: ≥ 800M Maximum Read Length: 2x150bp
Operating Environment
Temperature: 18–26 ℃ Altitude: <2000m Sound level: <62db at 3.3ft
Physical Dimensions
(H × W × D) 29.5in × 37.6in × 29.5in Weight: 155.1kg / 342lbs
Crated Dimensions
(H × W × D) 48.6in × 51in × 35in Weight: 245.9kg / 527lbs
Power Requirements
100–240 VAC @ 50/60Hz, 15A, 550W (avg)
Operating System
Ubuntu Core 20.04 LTS
Safety & Compliance
NRTL certified IEC FCC/IC approved
AVITI Open Bays L

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