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Meet the Element AVITI™ System, a benchtop sequencer with unprecedented performance, cost, and flexibility


AVITI System Demo

AVITI System Demo - Brandon Pool
Element is focused on scientists who want to accelerate their research while making their budget go further. Our dedicated customer support team are scientists helping scientists who partner with you throughout your AVITI journey.


$5 per Gb/$1 per million reads

The Element AVITI System has the lowest run costs available today in a benchtop instrument.

1 billion reads/300 Gb per flow cell

With mid-throughput and factory scale pricing, AVITI System enables cost-effective exome and low-pass sequencing.

>90% Q30 data

Avidity Sequencing™ offers industry-leading accuracy, nearly eliminates index hopping, and has a low duplication rate.

Reagent price guarantee

Stable reagent pricing for the life of the instrument empowers researchers to do more science for their budget.

Dual independent flow cells

With 600 Gb of total throughput, run two applications at staggered times or maximize output with parallel runs.

Ecosystem compatibility

Validated solutions including bulk and scRNA, exome, and low-pass sequencing preserve your existing workflows.



The AVITI System uses completely novel technology, Avidity Sequencing.

  • Our patented low-binding surface chemistry drives high accuracy even at high polony densities.
  • Rolling circle amplification eliminates PCR error propagation and limits AT/GC bias,
  • Dye-labelled avidites covered in nucleotides bind to multiple polymerase complexes. Ultra-stable complexes enable far lower reagent concentrations and costs.

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The AVITI System is a solution that empowers labs of all sizes and budgets with factory-scale pricing at mid-throughput use.

Reagent prices are guaranteed for the lifetime of the AVITI™ System. Terms & conditions apply.

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Follow the Adept™ Workflow to prepare existing libraries for sequencing on the AVITI System or the Elevate™ Workflow to produce AVITI-native libraries.

Adept Workflow
Elevate Workflow


Our partnerships make end-to-end application immediately accessible. Run WES, low-pass WGS, RNA sequencing, single-cell genomics, and more on one instrument.

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