Element Elevate™ Library Prep Workflow

The Element Elevate Library Prep Workflow prepares linear libraries for sequencing on the Element AVITI System. A long adapter design coupled with Cloudbreak™ sequencing chemistry eliminates manual circularization and enables the choice of a PCR-free or PCR-plus protocol.

The option of mechanical or enzymatic library prep further enhances flexibility and supports end-to-end DNA library prep. The ability to pair the standalone adapter kit with a third-party kit potentially expands applications and enables custom library prep. Either way, the result is efficient recovery and consistent results.

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Elevate Workflow

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Modular, mix-and-match kits to prepare linear libraries for sequencing on the AVITI System

Elevate Specifications

The Elevate Workflow supports three kits that supply reagents for mechanical or enzymatic library prep, adapters, and unique dual indexes (UDIs). The mechanical protocol starts with fragmented genomic DNA (gDNA). End repair and A-tailing keep the phosphate on the 5' end intact and ready the fragments for ligation, which adds adapters and UDIs. Starting with gDNA, the enzymatic protocol digests samples into fragments, then follows similar procedures.

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SpecificationMechanical KitEnzymatic KitAdapter Kit

Kit size

24 reactions

24 reactions

96 reactions


≤ 96 UDIs

≤ 96 UDIs

≤ 96 UDIs

Automation capability

Liquid handling robot

Liquid handling robot

Depends on library prep kit

Input requirement

1–500 ng sheared gDNA

1–500 ng gDNA

Not applicable

PCR-free protocol time*

2 hours and 25 minutes

1 hour and 50 minutes

Not applicable

PCR-plus protocol time*

3 hours and 25 minutes

2 hours and 55 minutes

Not applicable

Fragmentation method

Covaris shearing


Not applicable


-25°C to -15°C

-25°C to -15°C

-25°C to -15°C

System compatibility

AVITI System

AVITI System

AVITI System

* Approximate total time that includes hands-on time

Catalog Numbers

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ProductCatalog #

Elevate Mechanical Library Prep Kit


Elevate Enzymatic Library Prep Kit


Elevate Long UDI Adapter Kit Set A


Cloudbreak PhiX Control Library, Elevate


Elevate Index and Adapter Kit


PhiX Control Library, Elevate


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