Element Elevate™ Library Prep Workflow

The Element Elevate Library Prep Workflow pairs with third-party kits to prepare and circularize libraries for sequencing on the Element AVITI™ System. This workflow leverages modular components that are readily compatible with a variety of next-generation sequencing (NGS) reagents and requires minimal input, resulting in efficient recovery and high reproducibility while enabling multiple runs per sample. The result is robust data demonstrating good coverage, accurate variant detection, and high index assignment, optimizing outcomes and maximizing potential applications.

Elevate Library Prep Workflow

Elevate Library Prep Workflow

Simple adapter substitution and circularization for sequencing on the AVITI System

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The Elevate Workflow employs two kits—the Elevate Index and Adapter Kit and Elevate Library Circularization Kit—that seamlessly integrate with a variety of third-party library prep kits to produce AVITI-ready libraries. Simply substitute Element adapters and indexes using your preferred application and follow vendor guidelines for input, yield, and plexity. Unique dual indexes (UDIs) allow pooling of up to 96 samples for processing with the Element Elevate Library Circularization Kit, which provides a streamlined protocol that minimizes hands-on time. The resulting libraries are ready to be diluted and loaded onto the AVITI System with an optional spike-in of PhiX Control Library, Elevate (catalog # 830-00002).

SpecificationElevate Index and Adapter Kit
(Catalog # 830-00005)
Elevate Circularization Kit
(Catalog # 830-00001)
Kit size96 reactions24 reactions
Storage temperature-25°C to -15°C-25°C to -15°C
Required input per reactionVaries by third-party kit0.5 pmol linear library prepared with Elevate indexes and adapters
Assay timeVaries by third-party kit~75 minutes total time
~20 minutes hands-on time
Indexing9 bp UDI9 bp UDI
SequencingNot applicableElement AVITI System
Single- and paired-end with indexing

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