ElemBio™ Cloud

ElemBio Cloud is a user-friendly platform for next-generation sequencing (NGS) experiments to monitor runs, visualize metrics, and manage data and instruments. Functioning as a direct extension of your instrument with continuous, real-time updates, ElemBio Cloud improves sequencing efficiency and quickly connects input to answers.

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Key Features

  • Real-time run monitoring from a mobile or desktop device
  • Transparency and collaboration in a centralized platform
  • Analysis solutions through ElemBio Catalyst or partner integrations
  • Automated FASTQ file generation with a subscription
  • Planned runs that load onto a connected instrument

Manage runs, users, and fleets from anywhere, anytime

Designed for bioinformaticians and scientists alike, ElemBio Cloud simplifies complex bioinformatics through a clear, intuitive interface.

Connecting any Element Biosciences instrument to ElemBio Cloud capitalizes on proactive service and support, remote run monitoring, and a rich set of metrics that you can interact with, manage, and analyze. Access these data at any time through run pages that summarize and detail active and historical runs.

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Access analysis solutions for data storage and compute

ElemBio Cloud contains ElemBio Go, ElemBio Custom, and ElemBio Local. These analysis solutions scale from plug-and-play to ultimate flexibility, cloud operations to local.

Subscribe to ElemBio Catalyst or other ready-made solution with Elembio Go or use ElemBio Custom or ElemBio Local to continue with a partner you are already connected to.

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Compatible service providers

ElemBio Catalyst
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Google Cloud

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