Element Announces $200 Genome

With the Element AVITI™ System, we're revolutionizing how DNA sequencing impacts the real world.


Setting a new standard for benchtop sequencing.

>90% Q30Unprecedented Quality
$1Cost per Million Reads
Dual Flow CellsCompletely Independent
Scientist Using AVITI Sequencer
Science Without Compromise

DNA Sequencing Reimagined

Element has reimagined DNA sequencing, letting you do more with less and at higher quality. What additional science could you do with a benchtop system that produces superior data quality at vastly lower operating costs?

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Your Science Can't Afford To Wait

We believe labs of all sizes and budgets should be able to produce their own high-quality data. Use our savings calculator to see how much more science you could do with an AVITI DNA sequencing system.

Where freedom drives discovery.