16S Amplicon Sequencing

16S amplicon sequencing is a popular, established sequencing method that assesses the 16S ribosomal RNA (rRNA) gene to identify and quantify the bacterial or fungal composition of a community. The Element AVITI™ System elevates the accuracy and economy of 16S amplicon sequencing:

  • Cost-effective sequencing with a low PhiX spike-in and high library plexity
  • High-accuracy results that span V1–V3, V3–V4, or full-length 16S amplicons
  • Both short read and synthetic long read options on one system

End-to-End Quality

AVITI 2 x 300 sequencing kits can sequence 600+ bp inserts with high end-to-end read quality. Cost-effective and economical, the kits improve sample characterization with more usable amplicon reads. Dedicate more data to your science, and waste fewer reads on PhiX.

Figure 1. Successful reproduction of the ZymoBIOIMCS Microbial Community DNA Standard (catalog # D6305) demonstrates AVITI 2 x 300 quality and utility.

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