LoopSeq™ for AVITI™

LoopSeq for AVITI prepares libraries for long-read sequencing on the short-read Element AVITI System, a portfolio of capabilities that is exclusive to Element. To support a variety of long-read applications, we offer two versatile library preps:

  • 16S LoopSeq for AVITI kits target the identity and relative species abundance of a microbial community, delivering high-accuracy results that span entire molecules.
  • Amplicon LoopSeq for AVITI kits research the sequence of specific genomes for on-target analysis of genetic variation, suiting a variety of research needs.

Additional offerings, 16S LoopSeq and Amplicon LoopSeq, enable prepare LoopSeq libraries for sequencing on an alternative short-read platform. LoopSeq Services provide the ease of an experienced services lab.

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Long-Read Workflow

Barcode and Amplify

Ligation or direct amplification add LoopSeq‑specific sequences. Amplification then adds one unique barcode to each molecule and creates thousands of copies of each molecule and its unique barcode

Step 1 Barcode Amplify

Distribute and Prep

Enzymes digest each molecule into fragments and distribute copies of the barcode throughout the fragments, so each fragment has the same barcode as the source molecule.

Step 2 Distribute Prep


The AVITI System sequences the fragments as short reads. Subsequent demultiplexing groups the short reads by barcode.

Step 3 Sequence


De novo assembly reassembles overlapping short reads into the original full-length molecule.

Step 4 Reassemble

LoopSeq Specifications

LoopSeq for AVITI brings the proprietary, barcode-based long-read technology into the low-cost, high-quality Avidity Sequencing™ environment. The purchase of a LoopSeq product supplies library prep reagents, barcodes, and indexes packaged in multiple kits.

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Specification16S LoopSeq for AVITI and 16S LoopSeqAmplicon LoopSeq for AVITI and LoopSeq




Specialized sample types


Genomes, metagenomes, PCR products, synthetic DNA libraries, viruses

Input requirement

0.1–1 ng purified genomic DNA (gDNA) in 2 μl

6 ng DNA in 30 µl

Size range

Not applicable

0.5–6 kb

Storage temperature

-25°C to -15°C

-25°C to -15°C

Protocol time

~16 hours, including ~5 hours of hands-on time*

~16 hours, including ~5 hours of hands-on time*

Read length

2 x 151 bp

2 x 151 bp

System compatibility

AVITI System and other short-read platforms

AVITI System and other short-read platforms

* Exclusive of circularization

Catalog Numbers

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ProductCatalog #

16S LoopSeq for AVITI


Amplicon LoopSeq for AVITI


Extension LoopSeq for AVITI


Element Elevate Library Circularization Kit


16S LoopSeq


Amplicon LoopSeq


Extension LoopSeq


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