Low-Pass WGS

With the steadily decreasing cost of sequencing, low pass whole genome sequencing with imputation is gaining traction as a method of genotyping. The Element AVITI™ system can help even moderate throughput labs make the leap to this high information, cost-effective method with benefits including:

  • Low per-run costs that make the many benefits of genotyping by sequencing accessible even for moderate throughput breeding programs.
  • The ability to reduce both TAT and costs by decentralizing high-volume genotyping sequencing operations with the Element $200 Genome Program
  • Seamless integration with the Gencove enterprise analytics platform for low pass imputation, simplifying genotype calling and report generation.
  • High effective coverage stemming from a low duplication rate.
Element sequencing and Gencove analysis of 1536 uniquely indexed cattle samples sequenced across two flow cells showed high reference concordance with as little as 0.1x coverage.

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