Embracing the Library Prep Paradox

While the last 15 years have seen only modest increases in the diversity of sequencing instruments, the variety of applications and library prep methods has exploded. All the options for preparing samples and analyzing data create a challenge: how to embrace a promising new instrument without missing out on the wealth of applications?

Fortunately, from niche applications to whole-genome sequencing (WGS), library prep is premised on basic principles. DNA or RNA samples are fragmented into short, near-uniform segments. Then, additional sequences are added to identify the samples and enable amplification and base detection. Through this lens, library prep is not a challenge, but an opportunity. Element Biosciences leverages these principles to enable the full diversity of library prep without disrupting your workflow.

Entry points to ABC sequencing

Our avidity base chemistry (ABC) employs a unique amplification method, rolling circle amplification (RCA), that supports any library as a template for sequencing. Swapping PCR-based amplification for RCA not only improves quality, it establishes ABC as the first and only sequencing technology to encompass all next-generation sequencing (NGS) applications and partners across the field of genomics. The entry points to ABC are both broad and simple: adapted or native library prep.

Adapt with Adept™

Adapted library prep takes an already-prepared, third-party library and follows a short protocol to structure the library into an ABC-friendly format via circularization or amplification. The complexity and proportions of the library remain largely unchanged.

The Element Adept Library Compatibility Workflow is simple and lets you capitalize on ABC without giving up your preferred library prep and analysis. One noteworthy benefit of our continuous innovation is the 50% reduction in the amount of input library that the Adept Workflow requires. This low input enables most third-party individual or pooled libraries, both of which are Adept-compatible.

Dozens of third-party library prep and index kits have demonstrated compatibility with the Adept Workflow. The few incompatible libraries are easily made compatible with a few cycles of PCR. Whatever your prep, Adept makes it work with ABC.

Evolve with Elevate™

Native library prep generates libraries from nucleic acid input. This more familiar method is achieved with the Element Elevate Library Prep Workflow, which offers a growing range of library prep and index kits, starting with solutions for WGS and RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq). LoopSeq™ for AVITI™ offers 16S and amplicon library preps, merging LoopSeq and Elevate chemistries to bring long-read capabilities to the AVITI System.

Founded on the core principles that have fueled 15 years of advancement, the Elevate Workflow departs in one meaningful way: it provides Elevate indexes and adapters. Pair these Element sequences with your Elevate library prep reagents to go end-to-end with Element, or integrate them into a third-party workflow for do-it-yourself library prep.

Elevate is a friendly option for anyone new to NGS. Established NGS labs might choose Elevate to streamline existing workflows and improve quality. Featuring comprehensive solutions with all the quality benefits of a native solution, the Elevate Workflow delivers a well-rounded library prep that is easy to bring in-house.

Charting a Cloudbreak Freestyle™ path

Cloudbreak Freestyle sequencing kits, the latest innovation to ABC, take the freestyle name seriously. Inherently compatible with Elevate and most third-party libraries—meaning, no manual library conversion required—Cloudbreak Freestyle removes lingering limitations to open science up to the outer bounds of your own creativity. This new entry point maximizes ease-of-use and compatibility, letting you choose your own method of NGS involvement.

Open questions meet an open ecosystem

Library prep is the foundation of NGS-based research, the first step you take to getting answers. Embracing the full range of library prep options extracts maximum utility out of a single, ABC-based instrument while creating boundless opportunities to advance your science. Hardware does not need to limit your options.

ABC resists the industry trend of locking labs into a closed ecosystem. Rather, it is designed to stay flexible and keep pace with the rapid pace of genomic innovation. A modular approach to the core chemistry establishes a future-proof foundation for capabilities that start with any library prep and deliver results for any application.

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