Meet Element Biosciences & AVITI™ at AGBT 2023

Element Biosciences has continued to innovate since the launch of the AVITI System at AGBT 2022 last year. We can’t wait to share our updates with you at the upcoming conference.

Join our team in Lounge 212 to learn about:

  • The AVITI™ system, our DNA sequencing platform that offers industry-leading data quality at the lowest run costs
  • Guaranteed reagent pricing for the life of the instrument
  • Avidity Cloudbreak™ Technology, our new chemistry that enables faster run times, a simplified workflow with linear library loading, and lowest run costs at $5/Gb
  • Affordable single-cell RNA sequencing with 1 billion reads per flow cell at an operating cost of just ~$1 per million reads
  • Element LoopSeq™ Kits, synthetic long-read technology that turns your short-read system into a long-read platform

View AVITI spec sheets, app notes, videos and sequencing datasets here

Schedule of Element Programs at AGBT 2023

Tuesday, February 7

8AM LOUNGE TALKS: AVITI Sequencing Applications

Continental breakfast and vosges truffles

Location: Lounge 212

Jon Armstrong, VP of Research & Development, Jumpcode Genomics: “Boost your single cell studies with CRISPRclean and AVITI: Sequence less and see more usable data” (10 min)

Semyon Kruglyak, VP of Informatics: “Avidity Sequencing: Quality and Applications”

Wednesday, February 8

8AM LOUNGE TALKS: The Element Roadmap

Continental breakfast and la duree macaroons
Location: Lounge 212

Francisco Garcia, SVP of Software and Informatics: “ELEVATING Sequencing and Genomic Analysis with AVITI: Introducing AVITI OS 2.0 and Elembio Cloud” (15 min)

Mike Previte, Co-Founder and CTO: “Avidity Sequencing: The Element Roadmap for Innovation ” (10 min)


"Cloudbreak and Beyond: A Roadmap for Innovation"
Presented by Matt Kellinger, PhD
Location: Grand Ballroom
Attend to enter our raffle


"How AVITI reinvents surface chemistry, base detection, and data analysis for a variety of next-generation sequencing applications"

Presented by Shawn Levy, PhD

Location: Great Hall 4-6


Dance the night away with music by DJ Elevate and a premium hosted bar

Location: Lounge 212