Element Introduces New Element LoopSeq™ Long-Read Sequencing Kits Designed for the AVITI™ System

Affordable, On Demand Access to High-Quality Long Reads on a Benchtop Sequencer

SAN DIEGO, CA (Nov. 10, 2022) – Element Biosciences, Inc.— developer of an innovative DNA sequencing platform disrupting the genomics industry — today announced the availability of its Element LoopSeq long-read sequencing technology kits for AVITI, giving the Element AVITI System the power of both short- and long-read sequencing on the same instrument. Element is the first company to own a general purpose long-read technology that runs on its native short-read sequencer.

Element LoopSeq is an extraordinary long-read sequencing chemistry that provides synthetic long-read capabilities on AVITI. Element LoopSeq provides highly accurate continuous long reads, a data type identical to the output of legacy long-read technologies but without the need for an additional dedicated instrument.

“The release of the Element LoopSeq kits introduces general-purpose, highly accurate long-read capabilities to AVITI at a price per base pair that would otherwise only be available on much bigger and more expensive sequencers,” said Tuval Ben-Yehezkel, PhD, Senior Director, Applications.

Element LoopSeq, which offers read lengths up to 5 kilobases, enables many sequencing applications where longer reads can improve understanding of biological systems, such as the diversity of bacterial communities, novel mRNA isoforms, oncogenic fusion genes, the immune repertoire, the evolution of mutant and recombinant viral genomes, and the engineering of proteins, to name a few.

As one example, Element’s LoopSeq™ proved to be a vital tool for wastewater-based surveillance of the spread of enteroviruses during the COVID-19 pandemic, said Temitope Faleye, PhD, at the Biodesign Center for Environmental Health Engineering, Arizona State University. “Using LoopSeq we developed and tested a novel method for long-read sequencing for WBE, which provides critical information on how the viruses move through communities that cannot be accessed with short reads," Faleye said.

“Thanks to the outstanding collective effort following our acquisition of Loop Genomics, we are able to roll out a groundbreaking new product kit at Element today,” said Molly He, PhD, CEO and co-founder of Element Biosciences. “This demonstrates the pace of our continued innovation and drive to democratize access to long-read and all types of sequencing for the benefit of science.”

Orders are being taken for the Element LoopSeq kit now, and shipments will start in early December. The new Element LoopSeq Kits come in two configurations, both including all the reagents required to make a sequencing read library:

  • Amplicon LoopSeq for AVITI is a general-purpose kit for sequencing any amplicon or long double stranded DNA of choice. It supports up to 96 samples with a multiplexed workflow.
  • For microbiome researchers, 16S LoopSeq for AVITI enables full-length 16S sequencing for up to 96 samples on the AVITI system.

Element will host a webinar Nov. 15 on using LoopSeq long-read wastewater surveillance to understand Enterovirus epidemiology. Register here: https://www.elementbiosciences.com/events/webinar-beyond-covid

For more information about Element LoopSeq, other LoopSeq kits and the AVITI System, including detailed specifications, application data, and performance testimonials, visit www.elementbiosciences.com

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Element Biosciences is a multi-disciplinary life science company developing disruptive DNA sequencing technology for research and diagnostic markets. Through innovating every aspect of a sequencing system, Element empowers customers with affordable, high-quality data and an improved user experience, to accelerate scientific discoveries and broaden the use of genomic medicine. To learn more about Element, please visit www.elementbiosciences.com.

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