The Kit

Each kit comes with all the reagents you need to get from extracted genomic DNA or RNA to a sequencing ready library.*

*Except magnetic purification beads (e.g., SPRI)

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The Service

Element LoopSeq is also set up as a service lab. It’s as simple as sending your extracted DNA or RNA samples to us and we’ll get the data and a full computational analysis back to you and your team.

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The Cloud

Securely upload sequencing data for processing on Loop's cloud-based pipeline run on Microsoft’s Azure.

No Coding Required - Just Upload and Run

Getting your long reads is as simple as uploading your FASTQ files to Loop’s cloud pipeline. Once the files are uploaded, the processing time is an average of just 2 hours (it would take about a week of a single computer working non-stop). Better yet, the processing is completely free to you (thank you for using the kit!).

Additionally, the pipeline is built on Azure which comes with the backing of Microsoft (helping you meet your data security standards). Once your data is read, just download the CSV and FASTQ files to get started on your own analysis.

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The Data

Receive FASTQ long read files and CSV files with classification and abundance data. Learn more about how to use this in your pipeline.

Actionable Data You Can Trust

From each pipeline analysis, you'll get long read data in FASTQ format and a CSV file with classification and quantification information. With the CSV, there are quick view pie charts to see the genus and species abundances for each sample allowing you to validate results at a glance. Also, since all the processing is done with barcoding and synthetic long reads, you can say goodbye to PCR bias - rest easy knowing the quantification and abundance results are true to your samples.

Additionally, the long reads enable more accurate species identification. With that combination, you can feel more confident in your decision making and the direction of your research pipeline. It’s like going from a black and white TV to color. You won’t want to go back.

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Save Time in the Lab

Put down the pipette. With a simplified workflow, you can multiplex all your samples from a single tube, saving you hours in the lab.

Element LoopSeq Workflow

The Technology

The core of Element LoopSeq's technology is the unique barcodes which attach to individual DNA molecules.

Here's how it works:

The power of the LoopSeq approach stems from our unique, proprietary barcoding technology and implementation. The key steps of the workflow are described below.


Every sample is exposed to millions of unique barcodes, but only one barcode attaches per strand of DNA at the 16S site.



Every molecule, along with its unique barcode, is amplified using PCR.



For each molecule copy, the barcode is randomly distributed within the molecule.



Sequence the segment next to each barcode.



Short reads that share the same barcode are combined algorithmically into a full-length molecule using linked-read de novo assembly.