Genetic sequencing has become an increasingly powerful tool to understand biology and improve human life. Element Biosciences is creating a brand-new DNA sequencing platform to meet diverse and ever-changing needs in this dynamic market.

Every technology element of a DNA sequencing system – reimagined.

Element began its journey to transform the sequencing market by understanding the most critical sequencing market needs - data quality, cost, and ease of use. To meet the growing demands of various customer segments, we realized that we would have to retool all of the fundamental elements of a DNA sequencing system: surface chemistry, sequencing chemistry, detection, and data analysis.

We have introduced innovative changes across each element. The result is a modular and high-performing sequencing platform that will materially improve quality and reduce the cost of genomic applications.

Freedom to study biology and accelerate discoveries – unprecedented.

As sequencing applications continue to explode, we expect the platforms will need to evolve. Today, it is still challenging for individual labs to access reliable tools without a significant amount of capital and operating knowledge.

Element's mission is to empower customers with disruptive DNA sequencing technology in an open and collaborative manner to advance genomics research as a community.