Elemental Re-thinking

Using a first-principles approach, Element Biosciences has invented new technical elements of a sequencing platform to offer the best combination of performance, cost, and flexibility on a benchtop system.

Visualization of Avidity Sequencingâ„¢ Chemistry by Element Biosciences as an Avidite Polymerase

Avidity Sequencingâ„¢ Chemistry

  • Delivers high data quality through enhanced contrast-to-noise ratio (CNR) and inherent error suppression mechanisms
  • Chemistry innovation significantly decreases costly reagent consumption
  • Produces scarless DNA products
  • Utilizes engineered, proprietary polymerases to reduce context errors
Visualization of Element Biosciences Surface Chemistry DNA Polony

Surface Chemistry

  • Ultra-low binding surfaces passivate the flow cell, creating negligible non-specific binding and increased CNR
  • Novel surface functionalization with sequence-specific oligos to ensure efficient library capture and utilization
  • Non-fouling surfaces are shipped and stored dry
  • Versatile surface production process enables seamless adoption of a breadth of surface assays and analyte types


  • Surface amplification without polymerase error propagation and with a reduced bias for insert size and GC content
  • Eliminates amplification-induced library index swapping
  • Supports Element proprietary paired-end workflows and low sample input
  • Compatible with existing paired-end dual-indexed libraries

Onboard Analysis

  • Seamlessly extracts imaging data to base calls with quality scores in real-time
  • Sends data directly to your cloud without the need to wait for post-run analysis

Optical System

  • Offers unprecedented large field of view imaging with remarkable edge to edge quality

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