AVITI - Specifications

Key Performance Metrics

Highly efficient flow cell cartridge choices cover the spectrum of sequencing applications and maintain cost savings across output requirements.

Sequencing metrics at 1 billion reads PF per flow cell*

Single Flow Cell
Data Output (Gb)
Dual Flow Cell
Data Output (Gb)
Run Time (Hours)
2 x 15030060048%Q30 > 90
2 x 10020040035%Q30 > 90
2 x 7515030029%Q30 > 90
2 x 5010020023%Q30 > 90
2 x 255010017%Q30 > 90
*Read count based on Element control library sequencing. Actual read count might differ based on factors such as library type and preparation.

Sequencing turnaround times tunable to shallower read depths for time-saving options

Scan Area*1 x 25/2 x 251 x 50/2 x 501 x 75/2 x 751 x 100/2 x 1001 x 150/2 x 150
1 billion (full scan)13/17 hours16/23 hours19/29 hours22/35 hours29/48 hours
750 million (3/4 scan)12.5/16 hours15/21 hours18/27 hours21/32 hours26/43 hours
500 million (1/2 scan)12/15 hours14/20 hours17/24 hours19/29 hours24/39 hours
250 million (1/4 scan)11.5/14 hours13/18 hours15/22 hours17/26 hours21/34 hours
125 million (1/8 scan)11/13 hours12.5/17 hours14/21 hours16/24 hours20/31 hours
* Common examples for single- and paired-end reads. Read counts are based on Element control library sequencing. Actual read count may differ based on factors such as library type and preparation.


AVITI™ System

Performance Parameters
Flow cells: Two random access Read pairs PF/flow cell: ≥ 1 billion Maximum Read Length: 2 x 150 bp
Operating Environment
Temperature: 18–26 ℃ Altitude: < 2000 m Sound level: ≤ 62 db at 3.3 ft
Physical Dimensions
(H × W × D) 29.5 in × 37.6 in × 28.5 in Weight: 155.1 kg/342 lb
Crated Dimensions
(H × W × D) 48.6 in × 51 in × 35 in Weight: 245.9 kg/527 lb
Power Requirements
100–240 V at 50/60 Hz, 15 A, 550 W (average)
Operating System
Ubuntu Core 20.04 LTS
Safety & Compliance
NRTL certified IEC 61010-1:2010 FCC certified
AVITI - Parts

Instrument Layout

The random access dual flow cell design is like having two sequencing instruments on your benchtop for the cost of one. Each side is independently controlled through the AVITI Operating Software. The intuitive touchscreen interface is positioned in the middle of the unit for convenient proximity to all its functional bays. The instrument also features electronic sensors for bar code identification of reagents for workflow guidance and error avoidance. Door lock sensors provide safety during operation.


  • ATouchscreen user interface for run setup
  • BFluidics pump bay side A
  • CFluidics pump bay side B
  • DFlow cell nest bay
  • EVentilated housing
  • FTwo waste bottles, one per flow cell
  • GSequencing reagent cartridge side A
  • HSequencing reagent cartridge side B

Instrument Status Lights

A prominent indicator light on each side of the instrument communicates the instrument status so it is visible from the front-facing view at either side.

Flow Cell Nest Bay Status Indicators

A button unlatches and opens the lid to a 40° angle. A wall encircles the loading area to guide placement and an LED light in front of each nest indicates status.