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Industry-Disruptive Pricing

As low as $5 per Gb, $1 per million reads

Kit prices are fixed for the lifetime of the AVITI System. Terms and conditions apply.

ProductPrice/EachCatalog #
AVITI 2x150 Sequencing Kit Cloudbreak High Output$1680860-00003
AVITI 2x150 Sequencing Kit Cloudbreak Medium Output$1080860-00006

AVITI 2x150 Sequencing Kit Cloudbreak Low



AVITI 2x75 Sequencing Kit Cloudbreak High Output



AVITI 2x75 Sequencing Kit Cloudbreak Medium Output$880860-00007
AVITI 2x300 Sequencing Kit Cloudbreak High Output$2440860-00008
AVITI 2x300 Sequencing Kit Cloudbreak Medium Output$1680860-00009

AVITI 2x150 Sequencing Kit High Output



AVITI 2x75 Sequencing Kit High Output



Adept Custom Primer Set Cloudbreak$80820-00009
Adept Custom Oligonucleotide Buffer Set$80820-00008

Element Delivers $200 Genome on AVITI™ Benchtop Sequencing System

New throughput-based model allows customers of all sizes to benefit from flexibility and lowest cost today

Element is proud to offer a new throughput-based option for its AVITI System that provides the highest quality sequencing on a benchtop for as low as $200 a genome, or $2 per gigabase. For single cell sequencing, the new model offers potential costs as low as $0.60 per million reads, with sequencing runs finishing in less than 24 hours.

Element’s throughput-based model allows customers of all sizes the flexibility to benefit from AVITI’s groundbreaking innovation. It is available now, subject to volume purchase requirements and other terms and conditions. Customers with existing high throughput can take advantage of volume-based prices to bring costs even lower. Customers who anticipate future growth can buy only the instrumentation they need now, while establishing a stepwise path to $200 genomes as they expand over time, without the need for disruptive equipment changes.


Instrument estimates*

Orders ReceivedShippingInstallation & TrainingOperational


4 weeks

6 weeks

8 weeks

* Time estimates apply to deliveries within the United States. Contact us for international shipping estimates.

Consumable estimates*

AVITI 2x300 sequencing kitsIn stock2–3 days

AVITI 2x150 sequencing kits

In stock

2–3 days

AVITI 2x75 sequencing kits

In stock

2–3 days

Adept Workflow kit

In stock

2–3 days

Elevate Workflow kits

In stock

2–3 days

LoopSeq for AVITI kits

In stock

3–5 days

LoopSeq kits

In stock

3–5 days

* Time estimates apply to deliveries within the United States.. Expedited shipping for multi-unit orders might be available. Contact us for more information or for international shipping estimates.** The listed shipping times are subject to change and availability. Actual shipment information is communicated at PO acceptance. Element does not assume any liability, loss, or damage due to shipping or delivery dates that might differ from the estimated dates.

AVITI Cost Savings Calculator

Your Science Can’t Afford to Wait

At Element Biosciences, our goal is to democratize sequencing—making it affordable for labs of all sizes.

The calculator’s default values show how much more science you can accomplish with the Element AVITI System versus a NextSeq 2000. But don’t take our word for it—try out the calculator with the instrument you’re considering and see how much you’ll save.

Projected Cost Savings

Year 1


Year 2


Year 3


Break Even Point


At the end of Year 3, you could have...


Project Requirements

Competitor Offering

Actual Cost-
Actual Cost-
Flow Cells / Month-
Flow Cells $ / Month-

Element Biosciences

Actual Cost-
Actual Cost-
Flow Cells / Month-
Flow Cells $ / Month-
Reset Calculator

*The competitor placeholder values used above are understood to be published list prices of the Illumina NextSeq™ 2000 instrument and NextSeq™ 2000 P3™ sequencing consumables. Third-party trademarks are property of their respective owners, are used herein for identification purposes only, and such use does not imply endorsement.

These calculations are estimates only, based on machine and flow cell costs. They do not take into account potential costs arising from library preparation, data analysis, warranty, or service and support. Users are encouraged to perform their own calculations before making a purchasing decision. Contact Element's sales team for additional help.

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Introducing ElemBio Capital Solutions™ — A DLL Program

Element Biosciences has partnered with DLL, a global financial solutions provider and fully-owned subsidiary of the Rabobank Group, to help customers who might be new to purchasing a sequencer or looking to rapidly expand their current service operation.

  • Terms from 12–60 months
  • Same-as-cash programs
  • Structured financing
  • Capital leases

Financing Made Easy

A choice of payment options, contract lengths, and residual values packaged to make acquiring a new AVITI System easy.

Qualifying is simple and the process is entirely transparent.