AVITI24 brings a new era in scientific exploration by seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art sequencing and CytoProfiling with Teton™ into a single platform. Uniting cutting-edge technologies, AVITI24 empowers researchers to gain unparalleled insights into biological systems with unprecedented ease and efficiency.

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Comprehensive Insights, Streamlined Workflow

Gone are the days of trying to connect multiple systems and data. With AVITI24 Teton, researchers can now analyze DNA, RNA, proteins, phosphorylated proteins, and cell morphology simultaneously from just one sample. This consolidation not only maximizes insights but also simplifies workflows and data analysis, delivering comprehensive results in less than 24 hours with 45 minutes of hands-on time.

Hear Sinan Arslan, the Element project lead for AVITI24 talk about this groundbreaking new system.

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Unmatched Performance, Limitless Possibilities

Shipping in the second half of this year, AVITI24 offers a suite of capabilities designed to elevate your research to new heights:

  • Sequencing and Teton CytoProfiling dual capability in one platform: two independent runs for maximum experimental flexibility
  • Teton CytoProfiling: Simultaneously measure a diverse array of molecular features in up to a million cells at subcellular resolution for deep single cell multiomic profiling
  • Core Sequencing: Access an extensive range of assays, from whole-genome sequencing to targeted panels, with uncompromising performance, flexibility, and affordability

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Teton Assays: Tailored Solutions for Every Research Need

AVITI24 debuts with four sets of Teton assays, with a roadmap of fixed and custom panels spanning oncology, immunology, neuroscience, and beyond.




RNA, protein, and morphology

DNA, RNA, protein, and morphology


RNA: 350 targets

Protein: 50 targets

Cell Paint (Morphology): 3 markers

Up to 2x150bp sequencing for untargeted transcriptome and direct DNA sequencing

Protein: custom

Cell Paint (Morphology): up to 20 markers



Sample Inputs

On-flow cell cultured cells, fixed cell suspensions

Additional sample types


Fixed Panels: MAPK-Cell Cycle Pathway, MAPK/Apoptosis Pathway, Immunology, Neuroscience

Roadmap of custom and fixed panels


10cm2 usable area; 2 independent runs possible

Run Time

45 min hands-on time, 24-hour run-time

Ready to Shift Your Science?

Explore exomes, genomes, panels, RNA-seq, immune repertoire, and single-cell profiling—all in one powerful platform. AVITI24 redefines sequencing, making groundbreaking discoveries more accessible than ever before.

Pre-order AVITI24 Today

The future of multiomics is here, and it's within your reach. Contact an Element specialist today to learn more about pre-ordering AVITI24 or to inquire about time-sensitive discounted AVITI upgrade offers. Take this opportunity to Shift Your Science with the full potential of AVITI24 CytoProfiling.

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