AVITI24 — Six Ways to Shift Your Science to Cytoprofiling

The Element AVITI™ system redefined every aspect of sequencing to push the boundaries of performance, flexibility, and affordability. Now, AVITI24™ pushes benchtop sequencing into the next frontier by re-imagining core sequencing components, such as avidity base chemistry (ABC) and high-resolution imaging, to enable comprehensive multiomic analysis by Teton™ CytoProfiling, all on one platform. Teton CytoProfiling unlocks multiomic in situ sequencing in single cells, providing an unprecedented view of cell morphology and function.

Here are the six ways AVITI24 can Shift Your Science:

  1. AVITI24 for core sequencing—now more powerful, with two billion reads across dual flow cells, more accurate, with up to Q50-level data quality with UltraQ™, and simple, with on-flow cell target enrichment and no library conversion step needed. AVITI sequencing brings the power (and affordability) of high-throughput systems straight to your benchtop, and industry-leading sequencing quality enables high accuracy variant calling, while reducing the data output required.
  2. AVITI24 with Teton CytoProfiling — unite the diverse worlds of molecular biology and cell imaging. Now you can analyze DNA, RNA, proteins, phosphorylated proteins, and cell morphology simultaneously from just one sample in <24 hours. Teton is compatible with a wide range of sample inputs, including on-flow cell cultured cells and cell suspensions. With 10 cm2 of usable area per flow cell, Teton supports high-throughput, low-cost single cell experiments with up to one million cells per run.
  3. Teton CytoProfiling: Cell Paint — cell morphology provides a unique view into cell phenotype and function, and changes in morphological profiles provide a powerful tool to study mechanisms of disease progression, drug response, and toxicity. With Cell Paint on Teton, profile up to 20 morphological markers for multi-feature cell segmentation and deep morphological analysis of cell types and states.
  4. Teton CytoProfiling: RNA — profiling gene expression changes in single cells has emerged as a paradigm-shifting approach to resolve cell heterogeneity. Targeted RNA panels on Teton, focused on MAPK apoptosis and cell signaling pathways, immunology, and neuroscience applications, enable researchers to dissect cell types, states, and pathways at high resolution across tens of thousands to a million cells per sample. Enable wide-ranging applications from high-throughput drug screening and genetic perturbation studies to immune monitoring.
  5. Teton CytoProfiling: Protein — protein is crucial to defining cell type and function. Targeted Teton protein panels enable profiling of up to 50 unphosphorylated and phosphorylated proteins within a single sample. Integrate morphology, gene expression, and protein expression for a multidimensional view of cell identity.
  6. Teton CytoProfiling: In vitro ABC sequencing — profile up to 100 bp of in vitro sequencing directly in intact cells and unlock the ability to perform untargeted transcriptome analysis for unbiased discovery of cell types, states, and genome-wide transcriptional patterns. In vitro ABC sequencing also allows for profiling of genetic mutations at single cell resolution for deeper understanding of clonal evolution or therapy resistance.

AVITI24 brings you sequencing and cytoprofiling in a single integrated biology platform. With two independent sides of the instrument, it's now possible to perform sequencing and cytoprofiling experiments simultaneously. It is the only platform capable of on-flow cell culture, integrating rich molecular and cell imaging information into standard cell biology workflows. This integration allows for comprehensive multiomic analysis, connecting genotype, phenotype and function in each cell – that's true cytoprofiling.

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