Affordable quality for multi-scale applications

The AVITI System builds on years of disruptive innovation to produce a powerful, dual flow cell benchtop sequencer with an industry-leading combination of accuracy and output. To empower genomics researchers with even greater flexibility, the AVITI System now delivers its the most versatile solution yet. Led by a wider range of outputs, sequencing has never been more accessible or more flexible:

  • AVITI LT, a low-throughput version that brings Element’s high-quality sequencing to more users by lowering instrument cost and can later be upgraded to a full-throughput AVITI.
  • Low- and medium-output sequencing kits to enable cost-effective sequencing of small batch sizes.
  • 2 x 300 sequencing kits to expand the applications reach of the AVITI System cost-effectively.
  • Individually addressable lanes to seamlessly sequence two different library pools per flow cell or isolate libraries in a single lane.
  • Elembio™ Cloud, an online platform for managing instruments, and visualizing run metrics to gauge performance.

One platform, the AVITI System, now enables cost-effective, high-quality sequencing across a range of experimental scales, whether you need 2 billion reads per run or 100 million. A diversity of assays and library separation options are now available for on-demand sequencing—without batching, and without sacrificing cost-effectiveness.

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