Our suite of innovative sequencing platforms – AVITI LT™, AVITI™, and AVITI24™ – empowers researchers with cutting-edge sequencing technology, flexibility, and unparalleled performance. Systems are based on our innovative avidity base chemistry and are all compatible with our library preparation solutions, including on-board library conversion target enrichment, and industry-leading data quality, allowing each system the flexibility to upgrade as your applications and throughput needs grow.

Powered by Avidity Base Chemistry

Our AVITI line of systems are built on avidity base chemistry (ABC), enabling unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in nucleotide detection. By utilizing a unique combination of enzymatic and chemical processes, ABC enhances the specificity and sensitivity of base calling, resulting in high-fidelity sequencing data with minimal errors. This innovative technology enables researchers to confidently explore the complexities of the genome, from identifying rare variants to unraveling intricate genetic pathways.


AVITI24 brings a new era in scientific exploration by seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art sequencing and CytoProfiling with Teton™ into a single platform. With AVITI24 Teton, you can now analyze DNA, RNA, proteins, phosphorylated proteins, and cell morphology simultaneously from just one sample at single cell resolution.

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The AVITI system conducts cost-effective, high-quality sequencing across a wide range of applications, without the hassle of batching. Whether it's 100 million reads or 2 billion, AVITI delivers flexible throughput at exceptionally low cost, saving you time and resources without compromising performance. The AVITI can be upgraded to the multiomic capabilities of the AVITI24.

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AVITI LT is a low-throughput version of AVITI that brings high-quality ABC sequencing to more users with its lower instrument cost. AVITI LT is the ideal choice for smaller-scale projects or research labs with a small range of applications or limited capital equipment budget. AVITI LT delivers high-quality sequencing with the flexibility to upgrade to the full-throughput AVITI or the multiomic capabilities of the AVITI24.

One system, endless possibilities





Core NGS Output 500M/FC

Dual Independent Flow Cells

Individually Addressable Lanes

Cloudbreak Freestyle

Cloudbreak UltraQ


NGS Quality

>90% >Q30

UltraQ: >70% >Q50

High Output NGS 1B/FC

Expert Mode HD

Advanced NGS Run Settings

Teton CytoProfiling

Upgrade Options

Upgrade Available to AVITI or AVITI24

Upgrade Available to AVITI24