Cloudbreak UltraQ Sequencing Kits

Cloudbreak UltraQ sets a new standard for sequencing accuracy and pushes the potential of the AVITI™ system even higher. With the highest accuracy specification on the market today, UltraQ delivers 70% of reads at Q50 or above (>99.999% accurate) and 90% of reads at Q40 or above.

By using multiple strategies to reduce the most abundant error types arising from library prep and sequencing, it provides the firmest possible foundation for the development of highly sensitive assays.

Figure 1. PCR-free CHM13 libraries were sequenced, and variants were called against the Telomere to Telomere (T2) gapless human reference genome to assess the error rate.

Q50: Setting a New Standard

Improving sequencing accuracy beyond our already high-performing Cloudbreak chemistry required improvements to the sequencing chemistry, mitigation of library prep introduced errors, and thoughtful handling of analysis artifacts for reliable benchmarking. Learn more about our approach and how we evaluated this new chemistry.

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Rooting out Error at the Source

Watch our VP of Informatics Semyon Kruglyak, PhD, describe how we characterized and identified sources of error beyond sequencing itself and devised innovative ways to address those sources of error at their root.

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