LoopSeq™ Kits for the AVITI™ System: Democratizing Access to Long-Read Sequencing

Long-read DNA sequencing has gained broad acceptance as an important tool for genomics research, providing biological insights in a wide range of contexts where short reads can only reveal part of the picture.

However, significant barriers still need to be overcome for scientists leveraging this method to advance their research, including cost and timely access to dedicated long-read instruments. Highly accurate long-read sequencing, in particular, has a very high cost per Gb, and sample queues can be months long.

To help scientists better access this technology, we are launching new LoopSeq long-read sequencing kits designed for the AVITI platform and other short-read platforms.

Expanding the AVITI Application Menu With Long-Read Sequencing

Element LoopSeq is a synthetic long-read technology that turns your short-read system into a long-read platform. It provides complete coverage of long DNA molecules, generating a data type identical to the output of legacy long-read technologies such as PacBio and Oxford Nanopore but without needing an additional dedicated instrument. Watch our short technology overview video to learn more about how LoopSeq works. With the release of our new LoopSeq for AVITI kits, it has never been easier or more affordable to access long-read sequencing.

The New LoopSeq Kits Come In Two Configurations:

For microbiome researchers, 16S LoopSeq for AVITI contains all reagents required to amplify full-length 16S, complete the LoopSeq workflow, and generate one multiplexed library of up to 96 samples for sequencing on the AVITI system.

Amplicon LoopSeq for AVITI enables the same 96-sample workflow but for any amplicon of choice. For researchers who don’t need to process 96 samples at once, Extension LoopSeq for AVITI allows users to make additional sequencing libraries from unused 16S LoopSeq for AVITI or Amplicon LoopSeq for AVITI reagents.

For non-AVITI owners, 16 LoopSeq, Amplicon LoopSeq, and Extension LoopSeq are platform-agnostic kits.

Genomic Context Matters

While short-read sequencing is the workhorse of genomics, there are many targeted sequencing applications where additional genomic context can change or add nuance to our understanding of biological systems.

  • The true diversity of bacterial communities can only be adequately resolved with full-length 16S sequencing.
  • Novel isoforms, or changes in relative isoform abundance can only be discovered with reads that span all exon junctions.
  • Full-length immune repertoire sequencing provides access to CDR3 regions that cannot be accurately assembled with short reads.
  • The evolution of viral quasispecies in response to a host immune response can only be fully mapped by phasing variants with long amplicon sequencing.

In all these cases, the ability to phase complete genes can reshape our understanding of biological systems rich in diversity. Our LoopSeq for AVITI kits make it easier than ever for researchers to accelerate their science with high-quality long-read data.

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