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Integration of the Element AVITI™ System with BD Rhapsody™ Single-Cell AssaysOctober 19, 20225:03WatchAVITI™ System & Olink® Explore Platform - Overview of Compatibility Technical NoteAugust 22, 20225:19WatchUniversal Infectious Disease Assay Facilitated by CRISPR Mediated Depletion - Jumpcode GenomicsAugust 22, 20226:19WatchAVITI™ Compatibility with 10x Genomics TechnologiesOctober 12, 20225:12Watch

AGBT 2022

Launching AVITI: The Story After Pi Day - Michael Previte, PhDJune 8, 202211:27WatchInvestigating Element Data with Google DeepVariant - Andrew Carroll, PhDJune 8, 20229:20WatchEarly Experiences with Element at the Broad Institute - Sheila DodgeJune 8, 20229:25WatchCell-Free DNA Dynamics of Human Spaceflight - Chris Mason, PhDJune 8, 202213:03WatchQ40+ on AVITI™ - Semyon Kruglyak, PhDJune 7, 20229:26WatchCost-Effective Trio Sequencing - Semyon Kruglyak, PhDJune 7, 202211:10WatchNGS Replacement for Sanger Sequencing - Matt Kellinger, PhDJune 8, 202210:08WatchUncovering the Meta-Transcriptome with Long-Read Sequencing - Shawn Levy, PhDJune 8, 202210:59WatchHigh Performance 10x Single-Cell Analysis - Jens Durruthy, PhDJune 9, 202212:56WatchEvaluating the AVITI™ for Use with the Gencove Low-Pass Sequencing and Analytics PlatformJune 9, 202210:18Watch"I Want to Break Free" Music VideoJune 8, 20224:46Watch

AVITI™ Virtual Launch Event

The Elements of Freedom - Sequencing ReimaginedApril 18, 202217:51WatchInvestigating Element Data with DeepVariantMarch 18, 20229:59WatchFast and Accurate Data Processing for Element Data with SentieonMarch 16, 20226:21WatchExploring Clinical Sequencing with Element & Fabric GenomicsMarch 22, 20228:11WatchRare Disease Study - A UCSD / Element CollaborationMarch 22, 20227:55WatchLoopSeq Long-read Sequencing High Level OverviewMay 20, 202210:48Watch