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Element Biosciences: Cloudbreak & Beyond (AGBT 2023)February 27, 202317:30WatchBoost your single cell studies with CRISPRclean and AVITI: Sequence less and see more usable data (AGBT 2023)February 27, 20239:13WatchElevate Genomic Sequencing and Analysis with AVITI – Introducing AVITI OS 2.0 and Elembio Cloud (AGBT 2023)February 27, 202315:10WatchElement Biosciences: Avidity Sequencing – Accuracy and Applications (AGBT 2023)February 27, 202319:19WatchElement AVITI™ Evaluation for Cancer NGS Assays (AGBT 2023)February 27, 202314:57WatchAccelerate Your Science with DNA Sequencing Designed for YouFebruary 15, 20231:42:46WatchHighly Accurate and Reproducible RNASeq with Watchmaker Library Prep on the AVITI SystemJanuary 3, 20230:00WatchThe Customer Support ExperienceNovember 23, 20221:55WatchCustomer Support Spotlight: Marty FloresNovember 23, 20222:05WatchCustomer Support Spotlight: Jason McCormickNovember 23, 20221:34WatchCustomer Support Spotlight: Mike MarshallNovember 23, 20221:50WatchMeet Our Customer Support TeamNovember 23, 20221:52WatchWorld Class Operations TeamNovember 23, 20222:20WatchOperations and Supply Chain SuccessNovember 23, 20222:21WatchTargeted Long Read Transcriptome Sequencing with Element LoopSeq™November 15, 20228:42WatchWhat You Can Expect From Customer SupportNovember 14, 20221:29WatchIntegration of the Element AVITI™ System with BD Rhapsody™ Single-Cell AssaysOctober 19, 20225:03WatchAnalyzing Data Files for the Element Loopseq™ 16S WorkflowOctober 14, 202226:46WatchAnalyzing Data Files for the Element Loopseq™ Amplicon WorkflowOctober 14, 202222:45WatchAVITI™ Compatibility with 10x Genomics TechnologiesOctober 12, 20225:12WatchAVITI™ 2x75 Sequencing Kit at 1B Reads per Flow CellOctober 5, 20224:28WatchCharacterization of Microbiome Samples - Element LoopSeq™ Long-Read 16S SequencingSeptember 21, 202210:52WatchMeet the Founders WebinarSeptember 20, 202259:05WatchOur Company OriginsSeptember 14, 20222:53WatchOur Product: The Element AVITI™ SystemSeptember 14, 20222:40WatchImmune Repertoire Sequencing - Element LoopSeq™ Long-Read SequencingSeptember 12, 202212:03WatchOverview of Element LoopSeq™ Long-Read Sequencing TechnologySeptember 6, 20228:23WatchElement LoopSeq™ for Protein, Genome, CRISPR & Antibody EngineeringSeptember 2, 202247:28WatchAVITI™ System & Olink® Explore Platform - Overview of Compatibility Technical NoteAugust 22, 20225:19WatchUniversal Infectious Disease Assay Facilitated by CRISPR Mediated Depletion - Jumpcode GenomicsAugust 22, 20226:19WatchOur Story — Element BiosciencesAugust 17, 202213:26WatchReagent Price Guarantee - Announcement VideoAugust 9, 20222:22WatchLibrary Preparation Workflow for the Element AVITI™ System - Slideshow PresentationJuly 29, 20224:58WatchDemo of the Element AVITI™ SystemJuly 29, 20226:09WatchSequencing on the AVITI™ - The Elements of FreedomJuly 22, 202232:31WatchHigh Performance 10x Single-Cell Analysis - Jens Durruthy, PhDJune 9, 202212:56WatchEvaluating the AVITI™ for Use with the Gencove Low-Pass Sequencing and Analytics PlatformJune 9, 202210:18WatchLaunching AVITI: The Story After Pi Day - Michael Previte, PhDJune 8, 202211:27WatchEarly Experiences with Element at the Broad Institute - Sheila DodgeJune 8, 20229:25WatchInvestigating Element Data with Google DeepVariant - Andrew Carroll, PhDJune 8, 20229:20WatchCell-Free DNA Dynamics of Human Spaceflight - Chris Mason, PhDJune 8, 202213:03WatchUncovering the Meta-Transcriptome with Long-Read Sequencing - Shawn Levy, PhDJune 8, 202210:59WatchNGS Replacement for Sanger Sequencing - Matt Kellinger, PhDJune 8, 202210:08Watch"I Want to Break Free" Music VideoJune 8, 20224:46WatchQ40+ on AVITI™ - Semyon Kruglyak, PhDJune 7, 20229:26WatchCost-Effective Trio Sequencing - Semyon Kruglyak, PhDJune 7, 202211:10WatchLoopSeq Long-read Sequencing High Level OverviewMay 20, 202210:48WatchAvidity Sequencing on the AVITI System - Sequencing ReimaginedApril 18, 202217:51WatchKevin Meldrum, VP & General Manager of Agilent TechnologiesApril 18, 20222:49WatchExploring Clinical Sequencing with Element & Fabric GenomicsMarch 22, 20228:11WatchRare Disease Study - A UCSD / Element CollaborationMarch 22, 20227:55WatchCosts for the Element AVITI™ System - Order TodayMarch 22, 20222:57WatchInvestigating Element Data with DeepVariantMarch 18, 20229:59WatchFast and Accurate Data Processing for Element Data with SentieonMarch 16, 20226:21WatchYaron Hakak, CEO of Jumpcode GenomicsMarch 9, 20220:47WatchJim Tananbaum, Founder & CEO of Foresite CapitalMarch 9, 20220:59WatchBryan Roberts, Partner at VenrockMarch 9, 20220:40WatchAvidity Sequencing™ Technology VideoFebruary 23, 20222:18WatchOpening the World of Biology to New PossibilitiesFebruary 23, 20221:23WatchPrecise Microbiome Editing - Insights From an Acne Clinical TrialOctober 5, 202150:06WatchElement LoopSeq™ Linked-Read Shotgun MetagenomicsAugust 25, 202151:58WatchElement LoopSeq™ & Twist Biosciences: Reading and Writing the Future of AntibodiesJuly 7, 202145:01WatchEffect of Tallgrass Prairie Restoration & Soil Microbiome Succession on the Prevalence of Antibiotic ResistanceJune 10, 202139:25WatchAre You Shorting the Microbiome?April 29, 202129:06WatchLong-Read Amplicon Sequencing Reveals Hidden Microbes in Hot Springs of Black CanyonApril 29, 202141:05WatchElement Loopseq™ - Pet and Human Commercial Kefir Products Assessed for Microbial Species Accuracy and DensityFebruary 24, 202145:43WatchHigh Resolution Metagenomic Sequencing Using DADA2 & Element LoopSeq™January 21, 20211:11:52WatchElement LoopSeq™ Solo HT Clone & Isolate SequencingJune 9, 202052:54WatchElement LoopSeq™ Long-Read Sequencing of Human Transcription Provides Insights into Metastatic CancerMarch 2, 20201:3:13WatchElement LoopSeq™ for Long-Read Mycobiome SequencingOctober 1, 201939:50WatchBacterial Genome Sequencing and Assembly with Element LoopSeq™August 28, 201952:52WatchExploring the Results of the Element LoopSeq™ 16S Data Analysis PipelineApril 6, 201939:30WatchTranscriptome - Element LoopSeq™ Long-Read vs Short-Read Platform ComparisonMarch 26, 20191:0:56WatchMicrobiome Long-Read vs Short-Read Platform Comparison with Element LoopSeq™February 6, 20191:0:52WatchElement LoopSeq™ Long-Read Sequencing Technology OverviewNovember 29, 20185:47WatchWhat’s in an Element Loopseq™ Long-Read Sequencing Kit?November 29, 20182:00WatchUsing Element LoopSeq™ Pipeline SoftwareNovember 25, 20182:12WatchFull-Length mRNA Molecules with Element LoopSeq™ Long-Read SequencingNovember 15, 20181:4:38WatchElement LoopSeq™ Long-Read Sequencing on Short-Read Next-Generation SequencersSeptember 20, 20181:10:43WatchElement LoopSeq™ Single Molecule Long-Read 16s Microbiome Sequencing WebinarAugust 9, 20181:13:22WatchElement LoopSeq™ for 16s/18s WebinarJuly 24, 201857:04WatchQ&A for Element LoopSeq™ for 16s/18s WebinarJuly 24, 201826:58Watch