AVITI OS v1.2.3 Release Notes

New Features and Changes

  • The software validates the total cycle count against the 2x75 cycle kit during consumable loading, providing instructions if the total number of cycles desired exceeds that of the kit.
  • The user interface has been updated to have increased contrast, improved font size, and other small improvements.
  • The footer bar of the software has been removed. The Element logo in the upper left-hand corner or the new “Home” button on the Active Runs page will allow the user to navigate home. Settings and Notifications have moved to icons in the header.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs are now fixed:

  • Run(s) could fail due to memory issues.
  • If the user navigated to the settings or notifications window while on the run set-up form, the run information would not be persisted upon navigation back to the form.
  • Hidden files were shown in usb file browser.

Known Issues

  • If the instrument fails to read the barcode and the user skips validation, there is NO validation of kit size. This will be addressed in a future software release.
  • The user will see a “404” page not found error if they attempt to Manage Connections from the Home screen on an instrument with no configured storage connections. To avoid this error, please configure storage connections directly from the Instrument Settings page. (Your FSE will help set up the initial configuration, so typical use will not encounter this problem.)
  • The software does not populate the flow cell ID in the RunParameters.json output file. If you need the flow cell ID in your downstream fastqs, modify this file prior to running bases2fastq. If you do nothing, bases2fastq will include “UNKNOWN” in flow cell ID of the fastq read headers. Make sure you are utilizing the bases2fastq 1.1 release or higher.