AVITI OS v1.1.0 Release Notes

New Features and Changes

  • The software now supports the following:
    • Primary analysis failure messages include the cause of the failure in the notification.
    • The %Q30 chart on the active run screen starts populating around cycle 6–10. The corresponding %Error rate continues to start populating around cycle 25–30 when a PhiX spike-in is used.
  • The run log, drift log, values log, and EBITT images are no longer output to the run folder.
  • The instrument now displays wash reminders if no maintenance wash has taken place in the previous seven days. Reminders continue to display every 48 hours until a maintenance wash is completed.
  • An onscreen keyboard is now available for use throughout the workflow.
  • The software now supports the following options in offline mode for instruments:
    • Settings support the following actions:
      • Set a password for the instrument if no password exists.
      • Reset a password.
      • Clear a password.
    • The Settings > Support section supports exporting logs from an offline instrument for transfer to Element Biosciences technical support. Offline logs include recent telemetry data, instrument logs, and run logs.
  • The software now supports the following connection management items:
    • Local (SMB) connections can be edited.
    • SMB connections can be deleted. SMB connections cannot be deleted while an active run is in progress.
    • On the Connections page, the View button displays the configuration of cloud connections. Cloud connections cannot be edited from the instrument.
    • A new cloud connection leveraging Google Cloud Platform is available. Add Google Cloud Storage (GCS) connections in the Settings > Connections section. GCS connections take an access key and a secret access key using the same method as Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • The software now supports the following basic instrument light bar statuses:
    • While the instrument is initializing after a power cycle, the light bars pulse in a rainbow pattern.
    • When the instrument is initialized and idle, the light bars glow a solid white.
    • When the new run form is complete and the user is loading consumables, the light bars glow a solid blue.
    • When the instrument is actively priming and sequencing, the light bars pulse blue.
  • The software now supports handling of initialization failures and reinitialization prompts for the following scenarios:
    • The flow cell clamp disengages.
    • The camera status check fails.
    • The sippers fail to home.
  • The safe shutdown option now appears in the user avatar drop-down menu in the header.
  • An option to safely eject a USB device now appears in the header.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs are now fixed:

  • The first time the user navigated to the Settings > Configure > Storage page, the list of connections displayed incorrectly.
  • The user could create an SMB connection with write-only permissions.
  • The wash timer displayed the incorrect amount of time remaining.
  • The user could discard a run while the flow cell door is opening.
  • If the user dragged a file in the file browser while browsing for a run manifest or the file to set up an S3 connection, a white screen displayed and required a power cycle to recover.

Known Issues

  • At the beginning of a new read (I1, I2, R1, R2), the software incorrectly displays the last cycle number of the previous read. When the chemistry for the first cycle of the new read starts, the counter updates appropriately.
  • If primary analysis is incomplete on one side and the user starts a new run on that side, the previous run fails. This issue will not occur often (if ever) in v1.1.1, as primary analysis should not exceed the recipe execution time under normal instrument operation. This issue will be further addressed in the AvitiOS_v1.2 release.
  • The data connection failure notification does not always display correctly, but data uploading retries appropriately if there are connection issues.