AVITI OS v2.5.1 and v2.5.0 Release Notes

Summary of Changes

AVITI OS v2.5.1 (Patch release to v2.5.0)

Mitigation for high elevation (>2000m) and potential variation in ambient temperature conditions

  • Optional software patch release v2.5.1 includes updates for both Cloudbreak and Cloudbreak FS sequencing to avoid potential issues at high altitude and/or variable ambient temperatures.
  • Cloudbreak users who upgrade will be mitigated from these risks.
  • Cloudbreak FS users will be mitigated from these risks.

AVITI OS v2.5.0

1. DNAnexus analysis integration:

  • DNAnexus subscribers can set up and manage DNAnexus storage connections in ElemBio Cloud to use on AVITI Systems.
  • AVITI Systems can stream data directly to DNAnexus for FASTQ generation in the DNAnexus platform

2. Support for the following Cloudbreak Freestyle (FS) sequencing kits, flow cell, and an associated library type:

  • AVITI 2x300 Sequencing Kit Cloudbreak FS High Output
  • AVITI 2x300 Sequencing Kit Cloudbreak FS Medium Output
  • AVITI 2x150 Sequencing Kit Cloudbreak FS High Output
  • AVITI 2x150 Sequencing Kit Cloudbreak FS Medium Output
  • AVITI 2x150 Sequencing Kit Cloudbreak FS Low Output
  • AVITI 2x75 Sequencing Kit Cloudbreak FS High Output
  • AVITI 2x75 Sequencing Kit Cloudbreak FS Medium Output
  • AVITI Cloudbreak FS Flow Cell
  • The Third Party library type, only compatible with the Linear library structure and Cloudbreak FS chemistry

3. Support for Low-Diversity High-Multiplex libraries:

  • The Low-Diversity High-Multiplex option is available during run setup with a Cloudbreak or Cloudbreak FS sequencing kit of any size for the Adept or third-party workflows. Enabling this option requires high sample index plexity and reduces the amount of PhiX spike-in required to sequence low-diversity libraries. The option therefore increases throughput and decreases cost.

4. Improvements to the manual run setup form:

  • The Sequencing Kit field in the manual run setup form includes filtering for Library Type and Structure selections. The field uses tabs for each kit size.
  • Reorganization of manual run setup form more easily guides the user into compatible configurations.

5. SMB storage connection improvements:

  • SMB storage connection Session Security options allow users to set an encryption level for their SMB server.

6. Flexible recovery wash:

  • A recovery wash can now be kicked off when one side is actively sequencing to support faster turnaround times between sequencing runs.
  • The recovery wash workflow no longer requires the user to remove the wash tray after the recovery wash completes.

7. Sustaining improvements:

  • Updated runs using AVITI 2x300 Sequencing Kit Cloudbreak High and Medium output to improve quality and reduce phasing for R2.
  • Updated AVITI OS to no longer limit the individual read cycle maximum values for all library configurations and sequencing kits, which allows for cycle flexibility. Cycle validation continues for individual read cycle minimums and total cycle maximums. See the Element AVITI System User Guide (MA-00008) for cycle specifications by kit size and chemistry.
  • Improved error handling for non-critical hardware errors.
  • Implemented improvements to reduce rare instances of instrument reboots.
  • Fixed bug with missing error messages when trying to delete an “in use” storage connection.

Known Issues

  • If the waste module leak errors are triggered for both instrument sides, the user cannot unlock the waste module door.