AVITI OS v2.3.0 Release Notes

Summary of Changes

Run Planning from Elembio Cloud:

  • Planned runs from Elembio Cloud are now available to choose during run setup in AVITI OS. With run planning, Elembio Cloud lets you remotely create, preview, modify, and verify planned sequencing runs. The planned runs workflow allows for ease of use and reduces the risk of errors.

Support for Individually Addressable Lanes (IAL):

  • On instruments with the Individually Addressable Lanes add-on, you can select whether to load one library pool for the entire flow cell or two library pools into separate lanes on the same flow cell. This option is available to select during run setup and requires the use of an IAL-compatible kit.
  • During dual library run setup, on-screen prompts guide you to take the appropriate steps for your workflow. For example, an on-screen prompt makes sure you load both library pools.
  • Metrics per library pool appear on the active run screen and in the remote monitoring pages in Elembio Cloud.

Comprehensive support for new sequencing kits:

  • AVITI 2x150 Sequencing Kit Cloudbreak High Output
  • AVITI 2x150 Sequencing Kit Cloudbreak Medium Output
  • AVITI 2x150 Sequencing Kit Cloudbreak Low Output
  • AVITI 2x75 Sequencing Kit Cloudbreak High Output
  • AVITI 2x75 Sequencing Kit Cloudbreak Medium Output

Offline instrument capabilities:

  • You can now filter log files by a date and time range when you export them from an offline instrument to a USB drive.
  • You can now upload an add-on key to an offline instrument to enable add-ons purchased by the organization, such as Individually Addressable Lanes. The add-on key is available to download from Elembio Cloud. Contact technical support if you do not have an Elembio Cloud account.

Improvements for reliability and robustness:

  • Error handling now occurs in the rare instance when the flow cell manifold fails to disengage.
  • In the RunParameters.json output file, following a small bug fix, the flow cell ID is now the serial number.
  • When the software detects that a flow cell manifold fails to disengage, the software notifies the user of this failure. The software then guides the user to recover from this failure by letting them power cycle the instrument. If there is an active run on the other instrument side, the software lets the user discard the current run setup and power cycle the instrument after the active run completes.

Review Add-Ons: The Add-Ons tab in the Settings menu displays the add-ons for an instrument and any expiration dates.

Temporary Prefix option for SMB storage connections:

  • You can now enable a new Temporary Prefix setting when creating SMB storage connections. This setting adds a “__” prefix to file names while a file transfer remains in progress. The prefix disappears from a file name when the transfer of the file fully completes. The setting is disabled by default.

Known Issues

  • In the event the waste module leaks are triggered for both instrument sides, the user cannot unlock the waste module door.