AVITI OS v2.2.0 Release Notes

The AVITI OS v 2.2.0 Software is now available as a self-service upgrade for online instruments or through coordination with local service and support teams for offline instruments. Details of this release are described below.

New Features and Changes

  • Added real-time run metrics, available in the user interface and in the run output:
    • % Q40 and Average Q score
    • % Assigned PhiX (per read)
    • Base Composition
    • Thumbnail
    • % Passing Filter
  • Added option to load linear libraries for the upcoming Adept Rapid PCR-Plus workflow
    • Note: Loading linear libraries for Adept limited to Adept Rapid PCR-Plus workflow.
      Other linear libraries are not supported and may result in a failed run. For more information or to request early access to this workflow, please contact your local service and support representative.

Changes and Improvements

  • Optimizations and user experience improvements to workflow including:
  • Run form moved to beginning of run setup
  • Aligning offline manual and automatic log export format
  • Configuration improvements for select use cases such as:
    • Cloudbreak Adept runs without indexing
  • Adjustments to settings for improvements such as
    • Barcode reader reliability
    • SMB connections
    • Removing inaccurate warning notifications