Element to Present Data on New Products and Multi-Omics Capabilities at AGBT

  • Element will share results from the industry’s first commercial Q50 sequencing kit
  • Element’s customers report how innovative methods available on the AVITI out-perform legacy devices

SAN DIEGO, CA (February 5, 2024)Element Biosciences, Inc., developer of pioneering technologies to empower science, will present details on five new products launching in 2024 at the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) General Meeting Feb. 5-8, 2024, in Orlando, FL.

With the introduction of AVITI24, Cloudbreak UltraQ, Trinity, Cloudbreak Freestyle and Expert Mode HD, Element is shifting the paradigm for sequencing by adding groundbreaking multi-omics capabilities to its AVITI System, while reaching a new level of quality and ease of workflow.

  • AVITI24 is the first device capable of analyzing multiple biological signals simultaneously, allowing researchers to analyze DNA, RNA, proteins, phosphorylated proteins, and cell morphology from multiple perspectives and points in time in the same run under 24 hours. Never before have so many data points been available to researchers at this cost and speed.
  • Cloudbreak UltraQ is the industry’s first commercial Q50 kit capable of generating 100-fold higher accuracy than currently available published specifications. This technology will empower research investigations into cancers, rare diseases, and other complex genetic variants.
  • Trinity is Element’s on-board enrichment solution that simplifies targeted sequencing, to provide users with a new level of convenience, flexibility, and performance.
  • Cloudbreak Freestyle is designed to reduce hands on-time and is directly compatible with >95% of library preparation kits on the market.
  • Expert Mode HD is designed to reduce costs and generate 20-70% more reads per run.

"The Cloudbreak Freestyle sequencing kits are fantastic. The new, streamlined workflow enabled us to directly load Illumina libraries onto the AVITI, producing sequencing reads of high quality that outperformed the Illumina NovaSeq,” said Rob Mitra, PhD, Alvin Goldfarb Distinguished Professor of Computational Biology at Washington University in St. Louis. “We've been extremely pleased with the performance of our AVITI instrument.”

Element will speak to the shift in science made possible by these new products and what it means for researchers around the globe at their workshop “Future Unveiled: ABC and AVITI – Opening a Gateway to the Next Evolution of Sequencing” on Wednesday, February 7, at 12:05 p.m. in the Grand Sierra Ballrooms D & E. In addition, Element will present six posters spanning applications as diverse as agriculture and leukemia research and share six in-suite presentations detailing their new applications. These in-suite presentations will cover Q50 and informatics, multi-omics, and workflow improvements. A full list of talks and posters is available here: https://www.elementbiosciences.com/events/meet-element-biosciences-at-agbt-2024

“AVITI24 drives rapid, iterative learning for systems biology studies for DNA, RNA, proteins, phosphorylated states, and morphology -- simultaneously on the same instrument,” said Michael Previte, PhD, Chief Technology Officer, SVP of R&D, and Co-Founder of Element Biosciences. Multi-modal studies today require complex workflows over multiple days with highly trained personnel across multiple instruments. AVITI24 streamlines these studies and data collection to enable rapid recursive learning with broad applications across systems biology. With advances in AI modeling and AVITI24 multimodal data, we hope to further push back the veil on the mysterious rules that govern our biological systems."

“AVITI24 allowed us to quantify the expression levels of many genes in a large field of view where the endothelial cells are experiencing different flow patterns at any location in a complex hemodynamic environment,” said Dayu Teng, PhD, Co-Director of the Whitaker Institute for Biomedical Engineering at UC San Diego. "The integration of regional genomic and proteomic quantification at a subcellular resolution, with a large field-of-view, and the flexibility in selecting substrates, forms a unique platform technology that empowers us to tackle numerous vascular bioengineering studies that were once deemed impossible.”

About Element Biosciences, Inc.

Element Biosciences is a multi-disciplinary life science company currently focused on developing disruptive DNA sequencing and other omics technology for research and diagnostic markets. Through innovating every fundamental element of a sequencing system, Element empowers customers with affordable, high-quality data and an improved user experience, which in turn will accelerate scientific discoveries and broaden the use of genomic medicine. To learn more about Element, please visit www.elementbiosciences.com and follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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