Element Biosciences Fortifies its Executive Team with Experts in Artificial Intelligence and Product Development

SAN DIEGO, CA (June 26, 2024) – Element Biosciences, Inc., a developer of pioneering technologies to empower science, today announced the additions of two industry-leading artificial intelligence and portfolio management experts to its executive team. The appointments will build Element’s leadership as it expands with innovative products and capabilities.

Element is pleased to announce the appointment of Amirali Kia, PhD, as Vice President of Artificial Intelligence. Dr. Kia will apply his extensive expertise in Artificial Intelligence within the Life Sciences sector to enhance the value of Element's current and future products. His role will include optimizing the utility of the comprehensive multiomic datasets generated by AVITI24™.

Element is also appointing Tina Tian, PhD, as Vice President of Portfolio Management. Since launching AVITI™ in 2022, Element has continually released new kits and chemistries, driving innovation and strong differentiation for its products. Dr. Tian will continue Element’s relentless drive, taking charge of program and portfolio management.

“The key to Element’s success and market growth is our passionate and high-performing team who pushes the boundary of innovations. The expertise Amirali and Tina bring to Element will expedite our work to provide innovative products for the future of biology.” said Molly He, CEO, Element Biosciences. “We will continue to redefine what is possible on a sequencer and help labs around the globe shift their science into a higher gear.”

About Amirali Kia, PhD, Vice President of Artificial Intelligence

Amirali brings over 12 years of expertise in applying machine learning and data science to biology and biotechnology. He has published numerous articles in the fields of machine learning and computational biology.

Before joining Element Biosciences, he served as the Vice President of AI and Data Science at Deepcell, where he helped expand the company's AI research initiatives in cell morphology. Prior to this, he was the Vice President of AI and Computational Biology at Harbinger Health, where he played a pivotal role in establishing the AI infrastructure and developing algorithms for early cancer detection in blood samples.

Amirali began his industrial career at Illumina following the completion of his PhD. As the Director of the Core-AI team, he successfully harnessed AI for various core technologies at Illumina, ranging from instrument analysis algorithms to protein engineering. His extensive industrial experience encompasses tools and instruments, large molecule discovery, and diagnostics.

Amirali holds a PhD from Stanford University in High Performance Computing, with a focus on its applications in biology.

About Tina Tian, PhD, Vice President of Portfolio Management

Tina brings over 25 years of management experience in the biotech industry across the areas of portfolio management, program management, R&D and CLIA laboratory management.

Prior to joining Element, Tina was the Head of Pharma Services at Roche Diagnostics, leading a cross-functional CLIA team to provide cutting-edge clinical services to pharma customers. Before joining Roche, Tina was a Senior Director of Portfolio and Program Management at Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Clinical Sequencing Division, where she played a pivotal role in building product roadmaps, establishing a PMO team as well as delivering products to customers. Tina’s experience also includes senior PMO roles at Pacific Biosciences and Affymetrix.

Tina holds a PhD in Biochemistry from the Johns Hopkins Medical School and received her postdoctoral training from the National Institutes of Health.

About Element Biosciences, Inc.

Element Biosciences is a pioneering life science company democratizing access to advanced biological tools, driving impactful discoveries to benefit humanity. We are focused on developing disruptive DNA sequencing and multiomics technology for research markets. Through innovating every fundamental element of a biological assay system, Element empowers customers with affordable, high-quality data and an improved user experience, which in turn will accelerate scientific discoveries. To learn more about Element, please visit www.elementbiosciences.com and follow us on LinkedIn, X (Twitter), and Facebook.

Media Contact:

Melissa Musiker
Element Biosciences