Element Biosciences Delivers 1B Reads and Provides Industry’s Lowest Cost for Single-Cell Sequencing

Element Biosciences, Inc. - developer of an innovative DNA sequencing platform set to disrupt the genomics industry - today announced updated specifications to their AVITI™ System, increasing the platform's specifications from 800 million reads per flow cell to 1.0 billion reads per flow cell*, further reducing the price per Gigabase (or run).

“We launched with a conservative specification of 800 million reads passing filter, but after thousands of additional runs (both internal and external) we have determined that we can comfortably go beyond 1.0 billion reads and maintain our leading data quality,” explained Francisco Garcia, Senior Vice President of Informatics at Element Biosciences.

Element is also launching the AVITI 150-cycle sequencing kit at the end of October for researchers who want to do short-read sequencing such as bulk RNA-seq, single-cell RNA-seq, single or paired-end short-read length sequencing. This will be available to all customers at a price of $1,080 per kit, delivering the lowest costs in the industry at less than $1.00 per million reads. AVITI’s affordability and flexibility obviates the need for batching samples, which is the main source of delays to receiving results.

“Element Biosciences was founded to enable scientists to do more with their resources. We have come a long way but sequencing is still too expensive. The AVITI is bringing us into a new era of sequencing – one where labs of all sizes and budgets can produce their own high quality data,” said co-founder and CEO Molly He.

Many labs across the country support a growing number of single-cell projects and want to find a way to do them cheaper and faster. Dr. Lutz Froenicke, Core Director at UC Davis and an AVITI user, stated “The Genome Center at UC Davis supports numerous single-cell sequencing projects and single-cell protocols. Both maximizing our researchers’ dollars and improving the turnaround times are of the utmost importance. We are excited for the release of Element Biosciences 2 x 75 bp sequencing kit so that we can provide the highest quality data faster to our researchers at a price point that has never been seen before.”

The new 150-cycle sequencing kits will also fall under the Element’s reagent price guarantee for the lifetime of the AVITI System, ushering in stability and making it easier for labs to accurately forecast costs. Learn more about the AVITI System, including detailed specifications, application data, and performance testimonials.

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*Read count based on Element control library sequencing. Actual read count may differ based on factors such as library type and preparation.

About Element Biosciences, Inc.

Element Biosciences is a multi-disciplinary life science company currently focused on developing disruptive DNA sequencing technology for research and diagnostic markets. Through innovating every fundamental element of a sequencing system, Element will empower customers with affordable, high-quality data and an improved user experience, which in turn will accelerate scientific discoveries and broaden the use of genomic medicine. Learn more about Element Biosciences here.
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