The Element AVITI System allows you to conduct cost-effective, high-quality runs without the constraints of batching, empowering your research across a diverse spectrum of sequencing experiments. Committed to ongoing innovation and enhancement, we are excited to introduce a suite of products designed to simplify library prep and data analysis on the AVITI system.

Cloudbreak Freestyle

Cloudbreak Freestyle™ kits revolutionize your sequencing workflow by streamlining the process, eliminating the library conversion step, and ensuring seamless compatibility with most third-party libraries. This translates to significant time savings without compromising on the quality of your data output.

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Cloudbreak Freestyle Talk at AGBT 2024


Elevate RNA

Elevate™ RNA Library Prep kit simplifies and accelerates RNA library preparation, delivering libraries primed for sequencing on the AVITI System and fully compatible with our Cloudbreak Freestyle chemistry.

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ElemBio Catalyst

Introducing ElemBio Catalyst™, the latest addition to our Element Analysis Solutions, offering a preconfigured and automated data analysis workflow. You now have the flexibility to choose the solution that best fits your needs, whether you prefer an automated approach or a fully customized pipeline, ensuring you retain full ownership of your data.

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