At JPM and AGBT, Element Biosciences shared the roadmap of products launching in 2024. These new products mark the latest evolution of our avidity base chemistry to empower scientists with integrated insights and deliver AVITI capabilities beyond DNA sequencing. One benchtop instrument is now a sequencer and a cellular decoder.

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Element product roadmap




Cloudbreak Freestyle

Sequencing kits that expand the Cloudbreak family for maximum compatibility and ease of use.

  • Enjoy compatibility with > 95% of library prep kits.
  • Eliminate library conversion steps for a streamlined sequencing workflow.
  • Save valuable time and effort.

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Cloudbreak UltraQ

First-of-a-kind sequencing kits that enable Q50 and set a new standard for data quality.

  • Generate 100-fold higher accuracy than prevailing Q30 specification.
  • Investigate complex genomic variants and challenging regions of the genome.
  • Augment the many benefits of AVITI with the highest sequencing accuracy.

H1 2024


Kits and software that enable comprehensive support for onboard library prep.

  • Simplify targeted sequencing workflows, including exome sequencing, with automated, AVITI-integrated workflows.
  • Experience a new level of convenience, flexibility, and performance.

H2 2024


First-of-a-kind instrument that combines state-of-the-art sequencing capabilities with cellular profiling and simultaneous measurement of multiple analytes at unparalleled speed and output.

  • Measure DNA, RNA, proteins, phosphorylated proteins, cell morphology, and other analytes.
  • Analyze the following measurements—or any combination of measurements—in one run and fewer than 24 hours.

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Feature updates





ElemBio™ Cloud

Elembio Go

A plug-and-play data management solution that launches with Elembio Catalyst and third-party cloud services.

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AVITI Operating Software

Expert Mode HD

An advanced run option that may generate 20–70% more reads per sequencing kit.

H1 2024

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