Webinar - Removing Barriers to Breakthroughs: Scalable RNA sequencing on the AVITI™

Element Biosciences is making it easier for researchers to explore their scientific curiosity by putting them in control of their budget and their timelines. Join us to learn more about the specific advantages of the AVITI platform for bulk and single cell RNA sequencing compared to other technologies, as well as forthcoming options to remove barriers to experimentation at every scale.

Attendees will learn:

  • How AVITI system improves data quality compared to other competing sequencing platforms.
  • How higher read scores improve the mapping of RNA sequencing data, leading to more reliable detection of low expressed genes and more genes per barcode in scRNA experiments.
  • Options for fast, affordable sequencing of experiments on the AVITI across a wide range of scales in a single run, from 200 M read pilot studies to 2 B read experiments.


  • Isaku Tanida, Ph.D., Assoc Director, Product Management, Element Biosciences
  • Stefaan Derveaux, Ph.D., VIB Nucleomics Core Facility Director


  • Meredith Ashby, Ph.D., Sr. Director of Strategic Marketing, Element Biosciences

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