Meet Element Biosciences at ABRF 2023

Meet Element Biosciences at ABRF

Booth #518

Stop by Booth #518 to meet our team and see a demo of the AVITI™ System, our sequencing platform that offers industry-leading data quality at the lowest run costs.

• Two fully independent flow cells maximize flexibility for core facilities.

• One AVITI flow cell pairs with 10x Chromium Chip output.

• Validated workflows enable seamless integration with your ecosystem.

Join us at the Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities (ABRF) 2023 to learn more.

Schedule of Element Programs at ABRF 2023

Monday, May 8

Technology Showcase and Happy Hour

Time: 6:00 — 7:00 PM

Location: Fens Room


  • "AVITI Cloudbreak™: High accuracy, fast runtimes, simple workflow," Isaku Tanida, Ph.D., Assoc. Director, Product Management, Element Biosciences
  • “The AVITI System at the UC Davis Technologies and Expression Analysis Core Lab,”Lutz Froenicke, Ph.D., Manager, DNA Technologies and Expression Analysis Cores, UC Davis

Posters at ABRF 2023

Title: Genomic Sequencing and Analysis with AVITI in a High-Throughput, Multi-user Environment: Introducing AVITI OS 2.0 and Elembio™ Cloud.

Time: Wednesday, May 10, 1:00 — 2:00 PM

Poster Number: I114

Title: Cloudbreak Chemistry from Element Biosciences: Higher accuracy, shorter run times, simplified workflow.

Time: Wednesday, May 10, 1:00 — 2:00 PM

Poster Number: I106

Title: The impact of insert length on variant calling quality in whole genome sequencing.

Time: Monday, May 8, 1 — 2 pm

Poster Number: I120