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Visit Booth #532 at PAG for live AVITI demos and a daily raffle!

Element Biosciences is bringing the power of choice to plant and animal genome researchers with our innovative AVITI benchtop sequencing platform. If you are heading to PAG 30, visit us at Booth #532 to learn how the AVITI system can get you the highly accurate genomics data you need for less money and no queueing

  • Industry leading accuracy
  • 1/3 the run cost of the NextSeqTM 2000
  • End-to-end applications
  • Instrument demos and daily giveaways

Element on the Scientific Program

A Universal Targeted Sequencing System for Any High-Throughput Sequencing Platform

Alison Devault, Arbor Biosciences

PO0067, Monday, January 16, 3-4:30 PM, Grand Exhibit Hall

Low Pass Sequencing in Animals: Element Biosciences AVITI as a Useful Platform

Jacky Carnahan, Neogen Genomics

PO0017, Monday, January 16, 3-4:30 PM, Grand Exhibit Hall

Evaluation of Pooled and Single-Nucleus Sequencing Approaches for the Study of Recombinant Populations and the Generation of Genetic Maps.

Beth Rowan, Ph.D., UC Davis

Tuesday, January 17, 11:10 AM, Palm 8

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