Cloudbreak™ is here with faster runtimes, simplified workflow, and higher accuracy

The AVITI™ System just got even better with the launch of Element Biosciences’ Cloudbreak chemistry, an advanced version of the AVITI System’s Avidity Sequencing™ technology.

Cloudbreak features:

  • 20% faster run times across read lengths.
  • Early indexing for real-time sequencing run management.
  • Improved data quality at the end of each read for greater accuracy.
  • No library conversion for the native Elevate™ library prep.

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) has revolutionized the field of genomics, empowering researchers to confront complex scientific questions. But despite these advances, broader access to sequencing through benchtop scale systems has been limited, largely due to high costs. This has driven researchers toward factory‑scale sequencing or alternative platforms that promise savings yet come with significant trade-offs including extended TATs and/or poor data quality.

To overcome these limitations and drive more science, Element Biosciences reimagined the core components of NGS to produce the AVITI System, a benchtop platform designed to provide broad access to the genomics ecosystem. Avidity Sequencing forms the core of AVITI’s disruptive design. It is readily compatible across leading applications and technologies while delivering superior data quality at low cost.

The introduction of Cloudbreak chemistry advances the core benefits of Avidity Sequencing by increasing AVITI’s sequencing speed and workflow efficiency. In only 38 hours, two PE 150 assays with indexing can be run in parallel to produce up to 600 Gb of data and 2 billion reads. For shorter read length assays typically used in RNA-seq and scRNA-seq, users can similarly achieve 2B high quality reads daily.

With Cloudbreak, sequencing speed dramatically improves the daily and weekly scheduling flexibility that users need to run their experiments. Specifically, for short read length assays Cloudbreak run times can push AVITI data outputs from 6-7 billion reads per week to upwards of 10 billion reads per week while comfortably maintaining an 8 to 9-hour workday.

The new index-first run format means AVITI sequences indexes before the DNA insert, allowing for early demultiplexing onboard the instrument. This provides users fast access to the index assignment percentages of each sample in a pooled run. When shorter run times are combined with this early indexing feature, users can manage their flow cells in real time, deciding whether to cancel and re-start a new flow cell if needed , or continue the run and pool select samples on a second flow cell to compensate. This ability to work in real time, using the unique flexibility features of the instrument, saves time that would have been otherwise lost while waiting for a run to fully complete.

An exciting sign of more advancements to come, Cloudbreak also improves the efficiency of preparing libraries for AVITI by eliminating the conversion process from its native Elevate library prep workflow. With Cloudbreak, any Elevate library can now be loaded directly onto the AVITI System after quantification without first requiring library circularization on the bench. Circularization is critical to Avidity Sequencing accuracy and still occurs, but Cloudbreak moves this step onto the flow cell with Elevate libraries. Best of all, moving the previously manual step onto the instrument adds no time to the run, making Elevate the fastest end to end workflow you can experience on AVITI from library prep to result. We look forward to adding simplification options to the Adept workflow in the near future as well.

In summary, the AVITI System is a true breakthrough in benchtop sequencing, providing superior advantages over its competition in data quality, cost, and flexibility. By adding Cloudbreak speed and workflow enhancements, AVITI further separates itself from the pack by building on its leading resume of capabilities. For more information on how AVITI with Cloudbreak is the perfect sequencing solution for you, please download our new data sets and specification sheets or contact us directly for more information at