Michael Previte, PhD

CTO, SVP of R&D, and Co-Founder

Michael co-founded Element Biosciences and brings more than 10 years of innovation and discovery in the field of genomics.

Previously, Michael was an Associate Principal Scientist at Illumina. While at Illumina, Michael pioneered innovations in advanced sequencing technologies for both single molecule and ensemble-based methods. He also worked developing high throughput assays for protein evolution and discovery. Prior to Illumina, Michael worked at Life Technologies innovating new single molecule sequencing technologies. During his almost 10 years of work in the sequencing industry, Michael holds four independent sequencing technology patents and has published one of those technologies in Nature Communications.

Michael holds his PhD from Boston College in physical chemistry and received his postdoctoral training from MIT, where he trained in combining advanced microscopy techniques with high throughput assays to study complex biochemical systems. Over his 25 years of work in science and discovery, Michael has over 35 publications and has filed over 25 patents in the areas of plasmonics, sequencing, enzymology, instrumentation, surface chemistry, DNA amplification, high throughput assay discovery, and microscopy. While he spends most of his spare time pursuing his greatest passion, science, Michael does find time to feed his other passions, watching the Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins, and Celtics adding hardware to the City of Champions!