Elevate Genomic Sequencing and Analysis with AVITI™: Introducing AVITI OS 2.0 and Elembio™ Cloud

ABRF 2023, Boston, Massachusetts

Elevate Genomic Sequencing and Analysis with AVITI™: Introducing Aviti OS 2.0 and Elembio™ Cloud

Rosita Bajari, Francisco Garcia, Max Mass, Claudia Dennler, Dan McKean, Jack Herrington, Dennis Hoang, Isaku Tanida;
Element BioSci.s, San Diego, CA

The AVITI System can read >600 billion base pairs of DNA sequence in less than 40 hours at unprecedented accuracy and cost. The specification for accuracy is greater than 90% of base calls at greater than Q30. The AVITI System runs on AvitiOS, a secure sandboxed microservice operating system that executes sequencing runs. AvitiOS 2.0 offers new real time run metrics, including Q-scoring, error rate detection, and flow cell image thumbnails. In addition, Elembio Cloud is a new centralized web platform to manage a connected AVITI fleet. Using the rich desktop and mobile friendly interface, users can remotely monitor runs in real-time; remotely configure run setups; integrate, verify, and manage their AVITI fleet data and compute connectors; and configure customer preferred identity providers based on OAuth2 and OIDC compliant Single-Sign-On.

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