AVITI™ OS v2.6.0 Release Notes

Summary of Changes

1. Support for Cloudbreak UltraQ™ (CB UltraQ) sequencing kits, flow cells, and an associated library type:

2. Support for new Q50 metric for CB UltraQ runs only:

  • A Q50 metric and a Q50 chart appear on the Active Runs screen.

3. Improvements to Advanced Run Settings and Custom Recipes:

  • Runs receive end-to-end support for any Advanced Run Settings. Include available Advanced Run Settings in planned runs through ElemBio Cloud and track enabled advanced run settings for any run from set up on instrument through to active run monitoring on ElemBio Cloud.
  • New Element Recipes, Long Insert and Short Insert, are available through the Custom Recipes Advanced Run Setting. These preloaded recipes are packaged with AVITI OS and no longer require an upload via a USB
    • Note: The Short Insert Element recipe is only supported by the Cloudbreak Freestyle (CB Freestyle) chemistry. Both Element recipes do not support any of the 2x300 sequencing kits.

4. SMB storage connection improvements:

  • Increase in the SMB verification timeout from 20 seconds to 90 seconds to support local storage connections that require longer verification time.

5. Sustaining improvements:

  • New step in Prepare Reagents for all run configurations: Insert Cartridge into Basket
  • New Prime/Wash file upload setting allows users to better manage the creation of priming and wash folders in their run output storage location
    • Note: When disabled for Wash, no storage connection is required to execute a Wash run.
  • New on-screen keyboard for improved user experience, with the option to enable to disable in Settings
  • Label update for ElemBio Catalyst storage connections on instrument
  • Cloud storage connections, AWS and GCP, must now be set up through ElemBio Cloud. AVITI OS no longer supports the setup up of these cloud connections on the instrument.

6. Offline improvements:

  • New Limited Log Export for offline instruments to facilitate faster troubleshooting via a smaller set of more targeted logs.
  • Fix for uncommon white screen observed after software update on offline instruments.

Recipe Changes

  • New recipes are included to support CB UltraQ chemistry.
    • Note: No changes have been made to Version 1, Cloudbreak, or Cloudbreak Freestyle recipes.

Known Issues

  • If the waste module leak errors are triggered for both instrument sides, the user cannot unlock the waste module door
  • Issue found on AVITI OS 2.5.0 and older versions for online instruments. When only one local storage connection is present and the instrument cannot check for cloud connections, the software does not recognize the existing connection as default, causing it to block wash runs.