Opening the world of biology to new possibilities.

Our reimagined DNA sequencing platform allows scientists to transform their research from inquiry to insight, with direction and speed—to create tangible impact for the real world.

Where freedom drives discovery.

We make the technical, tangible.

We are dedicated to decreasing the barriers to research access and increasing the opportunities for research innovation—by creating more affordable, adaptable, and accurate life science tools for basic, applied and clinical research.

Element’s first platform will be a benchtop sequencing system offering high data quality at a low cost per data point coupled with unprecedented workflow flexibility and data throughput by disrupting every element of a sequencing system. Element is delivering technology that will empower the scientific community with more freedom and flexibility to accelerate our collective impact on humanity—so that together, we can realize the unimaginable.

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To date, we've raised over $400 million to accelerate the development and commercialization of our high-quality, low-cost DNA sequencing platform as well as ongoing development of future best-in-class biology tools for the research and clinical markets.

Driven by questions and possibilities.

We’re working to make life science technology more accessible and accelerate the pace and impact of research. We celebrate individuality by creating space for personal expression, and we’re grounded in scientific truths, fueled by creativity, and inspired by human experience.

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