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Cloudbreak UltraQ™: A New Standard for Sequencing Accuracy

With >70% Q50 and >90% Q40, our new UltraQ sequencing kits have the highest accuracy specification on the market today, providing additional flexibility in context where precision matters most.

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AVITI Accelerator Grant Program

Applications Open for the AVITI for Microbiology Grant

Accelerate your metagenomics research project with the 2024 AVITI for Microbiology Grant, sponsored by Element and CosmosID.

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Introducing Cloudbreak Freestyle™

Simplify Your Sequencing Workflow

Experience the next level of AVITI sequencing efficiency with Cloudbreak Freestyle.

Demand more from your sequencer—for less.

With the AVITI System, Element has rethought every aspect of sequencing with our end users’ needs in mind. The system is designed to do more by delivering industry-leading accuracy at low run costs—so you can do more.

>90% Q30Unprecedented Quality
$1 CostPer Million Reads
Dual Flow CellsCompletely Independent
Discover avidity base chemistry (ABC)

Learn about our innovative technology that leverages unique, proprietary avidites to deliver highly accurate data, more efficiently—all in a compact benchtop design for labs of any size.

What are others saying about Element?


"…We were impressed with how the AVITI System outperformed the reference sequencer when compared side by side, showing higher effective genome coverage especially on challenging sample types including FFPE samples."

Joseph Pickrell, PhDCEO

Jumpcode Genomics

"…The sequencing quality of the AVITI System when compared side by side to other sequencing platforms was remarkable. The AVITI showed measurably higher percent unique alignment to hg38 and a significantly lower percent duplication rate…"

Jon ArmstrongVice President of Research & Development

seqWell Inc.

"We are tremendously excited about how the multiplexing performance of plexWell™ library prep is further enabled with the high-quality sequencing data, highly advantageous operating costs and scalability of the AVITI™ System. Libraries made with plexWell are fully compatible with AVITI, and reduced GC bias, insert size, read count distribution, and duplication rate are all maintained or improved by the performance of the AVITI System."

Joseph Mellor, PhDCSO

Google Health Genomics

"Looking at human reference genome data there is a cleanness in the Element data from reduced error rates in difficult contexts, which especially improves analysis at low sequencing depth. It will be exciting to see the potential for applications where this is especially relevant, such as somatic detection, cell-free DNA, or low-pass calling and imputation."

Andrew Carroll, PhDProduct Lead

10x Genomics

"We are excited to see the AVITI System easily achieve our CPP requirements for single cell analysis to expand the number of options customers can choose from to access the technology…"

Jens Durruthy, PhDDirector Product Management, 10X Genomics