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Metagenomic Sequencing on the AVITI System using the IDT xGen DNA Library PrepMarch 29, 2023347 KBDownloadElement LoopSeq™ for 16s/18s WebinarJuly 24, 201857:04WatchQ&A for Element LoopSeq™ for 16s/18s WebinarJuly 24, 201826:58WatchMicrobiome Long-Read vs Short-Read Platform Comparison with Element LoopSeq™February 6, 20191:0:52WatchHuman & Microbial Genomes with Roche & Element AVITI™ SystemMarch 10, 2022257 KBDownloadSARS-CoV-2 with Jumpcode Genomics & Element AVITI™ SystemMarch 11, 20223.4 MBDownloadCharacterization of Microbiome Samples - Element LoopSeq™ Long-Read 16S SequencingSeptember 21, 202210:52WatchUniversal Infectious Disease Assay Facilitated by CRISPR Mediated Depletion - Jumpcode GenomicsAugust 22, 20226:19WatchUncovering the Meta-Transcriptome with Long-Read Sequencing - Shawn Levy, PhDJune 8, 202210:59WatchPrecise Microbiome Editing - Insights From an Acne Clinical TrialOctober 5, 202150:06WatchElement LoopSeq™ Linked-Read Shotgun MetagenomicsAugust 25, 202151:58WatchEffect of Tallgrass Prairie Restoration & Soil Microbiome Succession on the Prevalence of Antibiotic ResistanceJune 10, 202139:25WatchAre You Shorting the Microbiome?April 29, 202129:06WatchLong-Read Amplicon Sequencing Reveals Hidden Microbes in Hot Springs of Black CanyonApril 29, 202141:05WatchElement Loopseq™ - Pet and Human Commercial Kefir Products Assessed for Microbial Species Accuracy and DensityFebruary 24, 202145:43WatchHigh Resolution Metagenomic Sequencing Using DADA2 & Element LoopSeq™January 21, 20211:11:52WatchElement LoopSeq™ for Long-Read Mycobiome SequencingOctober 1, 201939:50WatchBacterial Genome Sequencing and Assembly with Element LoopSeq™August 28, 201952:52Watch