Element LoopSeq™ Solo Clone & Isolate Long-Read Sequencing and Analysis Service

Ultra-accurate, full-length Element LoopSeq sequencing service is more cost-effective than Sanger sequencing & next-generation sequencing at high numbers of samples.

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State-of-the-Art DNA Clone/Isolate Sequencing
Element LoopSeq DNA Clone/Isolate Sequencing
LoopSeq DNA Clone/Isolate Sequencing

What You Get with LoopSeq’s Single Isolate Long-Read Colony & Isolate Sequencing Service

LoopSeq Solo Clone & Isolate Sequencing Service
  • Sequence of the full-length amplicons
  • A sequencing error rate of only 0.0041 %, which is 40x better than Illumina or PacBio platforms
  • Easy-to-understand reports and raw data
  • Highly affordable high volume pricing
  • Bioinformatics analysis including species assignment
  • Raw data as FASTA and FASTQ files

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