Element LoopSeq™ Single Cell Long-Read Transcriptomics Service

Detect and measure the abundance of splice variants, gene fusions, and novel isoforms for deeper insights into cancer and more

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How It Works — In Your Lab

Add Cell Barcode

Barcode DNA from individual cells using a single cell sequencing library preparation workflow and then send your library to Element Biosciences.

How It Works — At Loop Genomics

Cell Barcode to Transcript Barcode

We’ll barcode each transcript

Streptavidin-coated Bead

Optionally enrich for target sequence using oligo pools

LoopSeq report photo

Sequence, assemble, and prepare a report

Case Study: EIF4A2

mRNA variants of EIF4A2

Using LoopSeq’s Single Cell Long-read Transcriptomics technology, we found almost all of the 27 previously identified mRNA variants of EIF4A2 and were able to determine the number of transcripts associated with each variant.

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