Element LoopSeq™ Long-Read 18S-ITS1-ITS2 Sequencing Service

Get a view of the mycobiome at a taxonomic resolution that is simply unachievable with any other technology.

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What You Get with Loop’s Long-Read 18S-ITS1-ITS2 Sequencing Service

LoopSeq Service Workflow
  • Sequence of the complete 2.5 - 3 kb 18S-ITS1-ITS2 region
  • >90% of unique 18S-ITS1-ITS2 molecules assigned at the species or genus level
  • Contigs queried against EnsemblFungi, UniteCommunity, and Silva databases
  • Accurate organism abundance measurement
  • 40x lower error rates than Illumina or PacBio platforms
  • Easy-to-understand reports and raw data
  • 4-week turn-around time
  • Highly affordable pricing​
    • $79/sample for 96 samples
    • $69/sample for 288 samples
    • $59/sample for 480 samples
    • $49/ sample for 672 samples
    • $39/sample for 960 samples

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$43 per sample for 200 samples to $25 per sample for 1,000+ samples

Chart of 18S-ITS1-ITS2 Region covered by LoopSeq

Gain a deeper understanding of the composition of your sample when you sequence the complete 18S-ITS1-ITS2 region.

Improve the Accuracy of Taxonomic Assignment

Graph of correctly assigned contigs by genus and species

The majority of LoopSeq’s long-reads correctly identify organisms in a defined mock community, providing increased accuracy versus the unassembled short reads alone.

Stay Focused on Biology and Leave the Sequencing and Bioinformatics to Us!

Example of LoopSeq reports

Reports include csv files, pie charts, plots, and other data visualizations:

  • Single molecule quantification
  • Reference-based taxonomic classifications
  • Operational taxonomic unit (OTU) tables
  • Rarefaction analysis
  • RAD analysis
  • Alpha diversity analysis (Shannon and Simpson)
  • Raw data as FASTA and FASTQ files

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