Computational Biologist

San Diego - Headquarters Protein Production Full-time
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We at Element Biosciences are passionate about our mission to develop high performing products to study genomics in an unprecedented flexibility and to understand biology for the improvement of healthcare. We have built a highly efficient product-driven organization where employees can learn, grow and thrive in a challenging but encouraging environment.  We are committed to scientific integrity, collegiality, honesty, objectivity, and openness.   

Ideal candidates will work with cross-functional departments to design and learn systems to drive rational protein evolution of novel DNA interacting enzyme. Candidates are expected to have the technical expertise and drive to work independently and in combination with a small team to deliver understanding of structure activity relationships and define mitigation plans to improve enzyme performance and stability.  Characterization methods will integrate biophysical data, solution-based and surface interactions with high resolution DNA sequencing technology. Develops advanced methods/techniques for testing and evaluation. The candidate will also be expected to provide project leadership, technical consultation, work direction, and training to junior personnel. Works without appreciable direction on assigned projects/programs. Participates in determining objectives of assignments.


Education training and work-related experience:

  • Doctoral (Ph.D.) in computational biology or biochemistry, bioengineering or a related discipline.
  • 1+ years industry related experience and/or training.
  • Title of position can be modified dependent on number of years of relevant experience

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Design computational and biochemical studies to characterize the kinetic mechanisms of polymerases and other DNA modifying enzymes.
  • Independently develop computational methods to integrate multifaceted datasets to better predict and characterize stability and biochemical behaviors of enzymes used in NGS based applications.
  • Design mutations that explore and improve novel functionalities of DNA modifying enzymes.
  • Perform structure-based homology modeling of proteins and de novo design of small molecules ligands to drive discovery of novel substrates for DNA modifying enzymes
  • Curate and analyze complex datasets and efficiently translate results into actionable hypothesis-based experiments with defined deliverables to accelerate next generation protein engineering.
  • Present research summaries and develop research plans.

Relevant Skills:

  • Experience with structural biology data and expertise in structure-based design
  • Biophysics and kinetics of enzymes with deep understanding of DNA polymerases
  • Thorough understanding of protein folding, kinetics, and ability to translate this knowledge for rational protein engineering.
  • Statistical analysis of bioinformatic datasets
  • Strong problem-solving skills, and computational tools to drive optimization and analysis of enzyme performance.

Desired experience in the following technical areas:

  • Next-generation sequencing
  • Structure-based design and X-ray Crystallography
  • Bioinformatics and analysis of Genomic datasets